4 Best Foods to Eat with Vitamin D

4 Best Foods to Eat with Vitamin D

Are you lacking in Vitamin D? Is the sunshine lacking from your life?

Vitamin D helps your teeth and bones stay strong, and helps keep your muscles healthy. But, it can be hard to get it from the place we usually get it from, the sun. Well, did you know you can get vitamin D from sources other than the sun?

Here are some great foods to eat if you’re trying to raise your vitamin D levels.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is one of the foods that is naturally highest in vitamin D. However, salmon that is wild and salmon that comes from fish farms can have very different vitamin D levels, so make sure that you do

your research so you can make sure that you’re getting optimal vitamin D levels. Salmon also contains other critical vitamins that can help your diet, so adding more salmon to your rotation can be really helpful.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t actually super high in vitamin D, but it is easier to consume than some other vitamin D food items. Because you can purchase snack-sized yogurts that can be eaten without preparations, it’s a much quicker way to raise the amount of vitamin D in your diet.

Plus, you can get tons of different flavors and types, so there’s a type of yogurt that appeals to everyone.

  1. Fortified Orange Juice or Milk

Do you know that vitamins are added to some food products in order to improve our help! In many places, vitamin D is added to orange juice and milk to make sure that people who consume these products are getting enough. Vitamin D is added to both milk and orange juice because many people are lactose intolerant and therefore stay away from milk products.

Just make sure you leave the label or do an online search for products that fortify their milk or juice in advance, to make sure that you are actually drinking juice with vitamin D in it!

  1. Mushrooms

It may seem weird, but mushrooms are actually very good for getting more vitamin D in your diet. However, the amount of vitamin D in the mushroom will depend on the amount of light that the mushrooms were exposed to while they were growing, so you should be prepared and read the labels when purchasing your mushrooms at the grocery store.

Healthy foods containing vitamin D. Top view

The importance of vitamin D for your health can’t be underestimated, so if you’re in a rush eating plenty of mushrooms can be an easy way to add more vitamin D to your diet!

More Foods to Eat When You Need More Vitamin D

These are just some of the foods you may want to try out to get more vitamin D. Some other foods to eat include some types of cereal, eggs, sardines, swordfish, canned tuna, halibut, tilapia, pork chops, and tofu.

If you’re not interested in any of these foods, you may want to invest in vitamin D supplements instead.

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