Staying Fit At Home: 4 Ways to Workout During Coronavirus

Staying Fit At Home: 4 Ways to Workout During Coronavirus

We’re all going through it.

The COVID-19 virus rates continue to rise, leaving most of us working from home. Parents are spending more time with their kids than ever because many schools have gone all virtual.

With these changes in mind, how can you stay fit? Fear not. You can get a strenuous workout in every day right in the comfort of your home.

These workouts will build a muscular body and a strong mind — both of which will keep you healthy during the pandemic.

Staying fit at home is more than attainable when you follow the tips below.

  1. Start Knocking Out Variations of Push-ups

Doing push-ups every day will build lean muscle mass more than you can imagine. Most people think of this as an arm exercise, but it builds total-body strength.

The exercise begins with a plank, which will tighten the core and buttocks. You’ll build your shoulders and chest muscles when going down, holding your body weight, and pushing back up. Your biceps and triceps will also feel the burn.

Better yet, there are several different variations of push-ups you can try. Some of these include diamond push-ups, elevated push-ups, and knuckle push-ups.

Here, you can view some tips on staying fit at home with other bodyweight exercises.

  1. Install a Pullup Bar

Install a pull-up bar in your house and you will see your fitness go to levels you’ve never experienced. The pull-up is an exercise that will make a warrior out of you.

The exercise requires you to hold a tight grip while controlling your body weight and pulling your entire body up using your arms. This exercise works every muscle in your body and gives you natural, total-body strength with fluid movement.

When you regularly perform pull-ups you will build healthy testosterone levels. It builds stellar muscle endurance and a healthy heart through cardio and strength building.

  1. Spend Some Time on the Yoga Mat

Yoga is an exercise that too many people overlook.

It helps you build complete strength in a natural way, by holding difficult poses. This makes you more flexible and also builds muscle endurance.

More than that, people that practice yoga, speak about the mental health and peace that they enjoy. The simple act of focusing on your body and breathing can bring harmony that you have never imagined. There are several yoga videos online you can train right alongside.

  1. Get Your Running Shoes On

Nothing gets you fit like some good, old fashioned, cardio. There are several free running apps you can download so that you can track your progress.

Whether you’re training for a 10K or half-marathon or just want to get in a mile or two before starting work, getting the blood pumping and filling your lungs with air can be therapeutic.


Staying Fit Without the Gym

These tips will keep you staying fit despite the fact that you can’t go to the gym. Health will get you through this pandemic, so don’t stop putting the work in.

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