A Professional Skin Check: Why Do I Need One?

A Professional Skin Check: Why Do I Need One?

Proper skin checks can help you maintain your skin and ensure that you stay healthy by preventing skin cancer and other diseases such as rosacea, atopic dermatitis, acne and many more. It’s important to catch these diseases early because they can spread very quickly if left untreated, often resulting in disfigurement or even death. A Bulk Bill Skin Check Gold Coast allows you to get this important health service cheaply and conveniently because it does not cost anything out of pocket!

Are Screenings Still A Good Idea? 

In recent years, health insurance providers have started to ‘bulk bill’ a lot of health screenings. This means you don’t have to pay upfront and can claim it back from your insurer later. Because it’s free, you might think there’s no point in going to a bulk-billed clinic. However, you should still get screened because 1) You’ll get peace of mind knowing that everything is okay (or that there are early signs of something serious), and 2) Skin cancer treatment is much more affordable than it used to be; if caught early enough treatment is nearly 100% effective and has few side effects.

What Happens During Skin Cancer Screenings

At Bulk Bill Skin Check Gold Coast, you’ll be asked questions about your medical history. Next, the team of experts will apply light to dark stickers on different areas of your body and photograph them under UV light. The dark stickers show up more clearly against lighter skin and help doctors to look for pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. Using these tools means they can examine almost 90% of your body in just 10 minutes. If there is anything suspicious or concerning, they’ll take some further action for closer inspection, such as removing a small section of tissue (known as a biopsy) and sending it away for analysis by an expert in pathology and dermatology.

Where To Get Your Skin Checked?

General Practitioner (GP): Bulk Bill Skin Check Gold Coast is available for some tests, including skin checks, through your local GP. GPs are required to provide bulk-billed services under Medicare. Your GP can also refer you to other health services like pathology and imaging. Doctors of Osteopathy (DO): DOs treat most conditions but cannot prescribe drugs, perform surgery or refer patients for specialist treatment under Medicare. They must charge fees for their services (unless you’re eligible for a concession), and if your visit includes any general medical advice or treatment, you will be charged out-of-pocket costs at the time of service.

Skin Cancer Clinics: These clinics offer bulk bill services to some patients. There are no subsidies for some of these services, so be sure to find out what your out-of-pocket expenses might be. And remember, no matter who does your screening—whether it’s you or someone else—you still have to act on any potential risks that might be found. Skin cancer is serious stuff, but early detection is essential for survival rates. Consider getting checked out today!

Dermatologists: If you have an unusual mole, get acne that won’t go away or any number of other problems, get it checked out by a dermatologist. They are trained to spot severe conditions early on. Doctors usually bulk bill for Medicare patients. If not Medicare, book in advance to make sure they don’t charge out of pocket. Most health funds also offer rebates for appointments with certain specialists like Dermatologists and GPs.


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