After care tips for lip filler treatment to maintain fuller

After care tips for lip filler treatment to maintain fuller

Human beings are genetically different from one another. Not everyone is born with perfect plump, luscious lips adorning their face. Similarly, some people lose the fullness of their lips with age due to degenerative changes taking place in their bodies. The lips become thin and saggy, and wrinkles start to appear all around the mouth. So if you wish to add fullness to your delicate lips or want to revive the lost pout due to aging, lip augmentation therapy can do wonders for you. Lip augmentation therapy is generally of two types; lip implants and lip fillers. Lip implants last for years, whereas lip fillers require multiple sessions to maintain the plump. The best way you can decide which procedure is suitable for you is to consult your dermatologists.

Lip fillers are ideal for enhancing the fullness of your lips. It adds volume to your lips and gives them a perfect shape while maintaining the softness and lusciousness you have always wanted. However, lip fillers are a technique-sensitive procedure that demands the expertise of the doctor. In this process, the doctor injects collagen into the skin, which adds bulk to the lips. So if you are looking for a trained doctor around your locality, you can search for it over the internet. For example, if you live in Melbourne, you can search for ‘lip fillers Melbourne to get a long list of practicing dermatologists.

If you are planning to get lip fillers or have gone through the first session, you might have many unanswered questions stuck in your mind. The most important question must be related to aftercare. So to solve the mystery of what happens after lip filler treatment and how to take care of yourself, we have compiled all things you should or shouldn’t do.

  1. Don’t do strenuous exercise:

While it is admirable to live a healthy life and exercise regularly, hitting the gym immediately after your lip filler treatment might not be the best time. It is advisable not to exercise within the first 24 or 48 hours of the treatment because training increases the blood pressure, which can worsen the bruising or swelling on your lips. Also, you need to avoid excessive sweating and dehydration, which add to the reasons why exercising after getting lip fillers is a big no-no. Lip fillers are mostly made of hyaluronic acid that is a hydrophilic material. Hence, if your body loses water, there are chances that you might not get that desired result.

  1. Avoid alcohol:

Alcohol has components that act as a blood thinner. It dilates your blood vessels that can cause excessive bruising and swelling. Hence, whenever you get your session done, you should avoid substances that dilate your blood vessels. These include ibuprofen, vitamin E supplements, garlic, cod liver oil, caffeine, etc. So whenever you feel the urge to drink alcohol, you can drink juice or a smoothie of your choice. This way, you will beat the craving and keep your body hydrated as well. As mentioned before, hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the hydration level of the body for optimum results.

  1. Don’t put pressure on your lips:

Dermatologists recommend avoiding any pressure during the first 24 hours of the treatment. Stress to the area can cause displacement of the injected filler from one place to another. Hence, despite your temptations to drink from a straw, you should avoid it as much as possible. Other things that can put pressure on your lips include smoking, kissing, massaging, biting nails, etc. Similarly, when you wash your face or apply sunscreen, be mindful that you don’t exert excessive pressure on the area around the lips. The goal is to let the injected lip filler material integrate into the skin deeply.

  1. Avoid putting makeup:

The first two days are critical for your lips. Hence, put away all your lip balms and lipsticks for the next 24 hours. There are chances that the makeup product can react with your lip filler and cause bruising.  Suppose you have to attend a party, and you cannot avoid makeup. In that case, you can consult your dermatologist and buy a gentle product for your skin that contains SPF. In addition to that, avoid harsh cleaning products. Instead, you can use baby wipes to clean the grime from your face.

  1. Reschedule your flights for a week:

If you have to catch a flight within aweek, it is better to reschedule them. When you take a flight, a negative atmospheric pressure develops that exerts on the human body. And by now,you are probably well aware of why stress is not suitable for freshly done lip fillers. Another reason why you should reschedule your flight is that people often forget to drink sufficient water while traveling, which causes dehydration. Hence, it would help if you avoided any factor that puts pressure or dehydrates your body.

  1. Avoid hot drinks and spicy foods:

After the session of fillers, swelling and bruising are inevitable. Therefore, dermatologists recommendavoiding spicy food and hot drinks, as they produce a stinging, burning sensation. Warm beverages might not cause that much of a problem, but since your lips are numb during the process, there are higher chances of burning yourself because you might not feel hot and cold sensations. Therefore, it is better if you eat soft, less spicy foodsthat require less chewing force.

A take-home message:

These are general things that you should follow for the desired results. However,dermatologists recommend different aftercare because of varying lip fillers, so always consult your doctor. Also, aside from drinking a lot of water and hydrating foods, you can sleep on elevated pillows. Although it isn’t easy to control what you do while sleeping, try to avoid sleeping on your side, as pressure on one side of the face can result in unevenly shaped lips. If you feel uneasy or itchy, you can place an icepack on the lips. It will reduce the swelling and bruising as well. Hence, if you wish to opt for a lip filler treatment, consult your dermatologist and get the perfect luscious pout for life.


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