Amazing Workouts/Techniques for Martial Arts Training at Home

Amazing Workouts/Techniques for Martial Arts Training at Home

Martial arts or combat training is a rising trend. Living in this fast-paced world, people are becoming more and more aware of its dynamics. Parents are enrolling their children in martial arts and karate classes to teach them self-defense and discipline. The common notion of “martial arts is for the armed forces only” is fading away and more and more people are learning this skill. Dedicated martial arts training centers are set up to provide professional training. However, you can also do it at your home. We will explore this possibility in a bit. Let’s first get into some basics.


What are Martial Arts?

The term “Martial Arts” is derived from the name of the Roman God of Wars – Mars. And martial arts corresponds to mastering the art of self-defense.

Martial Art is a combination of various systems of combat training. All these systems are designed for one core reason that is, defeating the opponents physically and defending yourself against all odds.

The concept of martial arts is an ancient one. Ancient people were usually engaged in war, fighting, hunting, and all sorts of physical grunt jobs. Thus, each culture gives rise to a type of martial art, which together forms the modern martial arts.


Why Learn Martial Arts?


Martial arts is gaining perpetual popularity and it’s due to the benefits it offers. Here are some major advantages of martial arts that will convince you to start training right away.


  • Self-Defense – The most common reason for joining martial arts training is self-defense. It provides the necessary skills to defend yourself against all kinds of threats and improves the fighting skills.
  • Improved Focus – Martial arts train you to stay more aware of your surroundings and take quick appropriate actions in any odd situations. It improves the focus.
  • Self-Confidence – The fact that you know you can handle any situation instantly gives you a great deal of self-confidence. You go around with a sense of self-assurance and poise.
  • Better Health – Constant training and physical activity result in improved overall health. You get a better command of your body and stay active.
  • Reduced Stress – Martial arts is a great way to release your stress in a positive manner.


Can You Do Martial Arts Training at Home?


Martial arts training is usually associated with a master. For an exceptional and fast-paced training experience, an expert teacher would be better. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make a start at home.

If you have been thinking about learning martial arts for a long time but couldn’t find time or resources to start with, you don’t need to wait any longer to realize your dream. We are here with some news and easy guides for you to set up an outstanding martial arts studio at home and get started right away.


How Can You Do Martial Arts Alone?


Doing martial arts alone, is this even possible?


Well, it is rightly said, “where there is a will, there is a way”. There are plenty of resources to start martial arts at home. We will discuss some major ones here.

  • YouTube Videos

Thanks to the technology and widespread use of the internet, everything is just a  few clicks away. So is your martial arts trainer!

Many well-known masters of martial arts have their exclusive YouTube channels and share their fitness routine, martial arts training, combat techniques, and daily regimes. They also coordinate with their YouTube followers and provide body-specific training ideas. You can set your space and mind, click on a YouTube video and follow it to start with.

  • Online Courses

It’s the age of technology!

Anything and everything is available online. To some peoples’ surprise, along with educational courses now physical training courses are also available online. Sounds unbelievable, right!

There are many level-based martial arts training courses online. For example, courses for beginners, to level up the skills of experts and for trainers. You just have to sign up and there you go. Follow the weekly lessons and you will get proper martial arts training at home.

  • Setting Up a Proper Space

A very important part of training at home is setting up a proper space for the activity. Without a proper space, you might not get the right motivation and skip the training. A proper martial arts training area in your home will remind you of your conviction and you will most probably stick to it. And it’s not that difficult, you know.


Step 1: Choose a Space

Martial arts is a vigorous physical activity. Therefore, you would need a proper space dedicated to it. A 10 by 10 room will be enough to do all the practices. Here are some suggestions for a home martial art gym.

  • A garage
  • The basement
  • A spare room
  • Porch or house extension


Step 2: Set Up Your Floor

Flooring is the first practical step but not a complicated one. Make sure that the ground or floor is leveled before setting up the mats. Clean up the area and install proper flooring or just lay some exercise mats.


Step 3: Arrange the Home Gym Equipment

The equipment you need solely depends on your training type. For starters, you need some punching bags and grappling dummies. You can add kettlebells, dumbbells, and other home gym equipment as well in the start or just gradually add advanced home gym equipment to your very own martial arts studio.


Don’t forget to install the gym wall mirror in your martial arts studio. It will help you improve your posture and move effectively. Monitoring your progress will also help you stay motivated and stimulated.


Best Martial Arts Techniques to Master by Yourself

The importance of a mentor to master the martial arts skill is unquestionable. However, here are some techniques that you can learn and master by yourself.


  1. Cardio Kickboxing


Cardio kickboxing is the ultimate calorie-burner.

It’s a stand-up combat sport that involves extensive kicking and punching. You can get started with it at home by following a martial arts expert and ultimately master it with continuous practice.

  1. Grappling Drills


You can do extensive grappling drills at home. All you need are heavy bags, or dummies to take down. You can practice escaping drills and improve your timings.

  1. Basic Self-Defense


Even with no one around to train you, you can learn basic self-defense techniques. Follow an online trainer and you can improve your focus and ability to tackle an opponent.

  1. Tai Chi


Tai chi is basically a focus-development technique and one of the techniques that you can learn effectively at home. You can make a start with a “get started with Tai Chi” course or follow a Tai Chi beginners guide on YouTube and learn this technique at home. Make sure to practice in front of a gym wall mirror to monitor your moves.


Closing Lines!

Martial arts, no doubt, is a great skill to learn. If you have been longing to start martial arts, go ahead and take the plunge. Set your home martial arts gym and hit it!


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