Choosing the Best Incontinence Bed Pads

Choosing the Best Incontinence Bed Pads

Kids and elderly people or bedridden patients need proper care at home, in the hospital, or at the care centre. Incontinence bed pads are essential for the appropriate type of care and also for the convenience of the caretaker and parents with infants. Dirty bedding can call for pressure ulcers, skin shearing, or rashes and lead to severe complications.

Although not all types of incontinence pads are the same, you need to be thorough about choosing the suitable kind of incontinence bed pads for your requirements. Go through the factors mentioned on this page and be particular about incorporating them into your choices.

Measure the Mattress

It is essential to get the correct size of the bed. Therefore, measure the size of the mattress. Queen mattresses are usually the most common type of mattress size. The typical size of a queen-size mattress is 152 cm (60 inches) wide and 200 cm (80 inches) long.

If you wish for a full coverage queen mattress, use the bed pad that is the same as the width of the mattress of your bed. It means that the bed pad should be of a size of 152 cm (60 inches). Therefore, find a bed that is as close to that number as possible.

Size of the Pad

You can use underpads in several places. You can use them on chairs, beds, couches, car seats, litter boxes, and so many other places. You should choose the ideal size of an underpad as per the location it is supposed to be placed.

For example, you would need a chair pad that is 18 inches wide and long to protect the chair, wheelchairs, or couch seats. But you will have to purchase a bed pad of the dimensions 34 inches by 36 inches for the perfect coverage. You may also need a larger underpad if the person using it is tall and heavy.

Good Grip and Shape Hold

It is pretty common to move around while sleeping. That is why ensure that the bed pad you choose has excellent grip capacity and keeps your pad in the place where it is functional. Additionally, you can select bonded padding, which is perfect for the shape of the pad and is also effective in high-impact zones.

Special Features

Here are some additional features to look for when choosing a bed pad for incontinence.

  • Odour Control:The scent check is essential if you are worried about odour. Check for built-in odour control features.
  • Comfort:Comfort is essential, and the bed pads need to be washable since they are used night overnight.
  • Easy Care:Ensure that the bed pad you choose can handle rigorous laundering. Be mindful of the materials to ensure they can handle daily washing.
  • High-Absorbency:Incontinence can lead to vast amounts of liquids released on the pad. Ensure that the pad can soak it up quickly and also that it does not leak anywhere.

Summing Up

Incontinence products are typically meant for infants, the elderly, and sick people who are bedridden and need intensive care. Aim for reusable and disposable incontinence bed pads to make things easier for you as the caretaker. Ensure to be particular while you follow the pointers on this page as you select the ideal type of bed pad.


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