Essential Oils: How Does It Work and How To Use

Essential Oils: How Does It Work and How To Use

Using essential oils, also known as aromatherapy, has been used from the ancient period due to the many benefits they offer. And today, the use of essential oil has become increasingly popular as many are discovering its benefits and uses, which they weren’t aware of. Yes, essential oils are popular due to the many benefits they offer, it promotes better sleep, alleviates pain, helps with congestion, upset stomach, boosts mood, helps anxious nerves, and more. And these benefits are the many reasons why people love using essential oils. With the surge in popularity and demand, there are many manufacturers out there; so, it has become important to get the essential oils from a top-grade manufacturer, such as Young Living. Yes, it is important to get your oils from a top manufacturer, but it is also important to know how to use them safely and how they work.

First off, you need to understand how essential oils work. Essential oils are highly concentrated, steam-distilled, or cold-pressed extracts from any part of plants, whether it is from the seed, flower, fruit, leaves, stem, or roots. Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA; therefore, the effects that it has on our body are not backed up by scientific research. Nevertheless, some of the benefits they offer are backed up by studies.

The most common ways to use essential oils are by applying them topically, inhaling them, ingesting them, or by diffusing them. For topical applications, users should make sure to dilute them with a carrier oil or massage oil, depending on the application process. As for ingestion, it should only be done under the supervision of a doctor or aromatherapist. To inhale these oils, you can either inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse them, depending on your preference.

How Can We Use Essential Oil?

For those who are new to essential oil, it is extremely important to know how to safely use essential oils. For topical application, the safest way to use these essential oils is to dilute them with a carrier oil. As for inhalation, it is always safer to diffuse these essential oils. If you want to add these essential oils into your bath routine, you should mix them with a carrier oil and sea salt to get the maximum benefit.  You can also add it to your lotion and apply it to your body for a moisturizing and nourishing effect. One important thing to note here is that essential oils do not mix with water.

Are Essential Oils Safe To Use?

If you are wondering whether essential oils are safe to use, yes, they are generally safe if you use the right method. Regardless, they do carry some risks if they are not used the right way. Therefore, whether you are using a top-grade or a low-grade essential oil, you need to make sure that you are using it safely. As mentioned above, if you are ingesting essential oil, do so under the supervision of a doctor or aromatherapist. If you are applying it topically, make sure that you dilute it with a carrier oil and perhaps consider doing a spot test first. It is also advised to be careful while using essential oil around pregnant women, small children, and pets. So, if you have small children, pets, or are pregnant, do not use the essential oil before consulting an expert. It is also important to choose one that works well for you, you should not use one just because someone you know swears about the benefits.

Essential oils offer many benefits, but there are some important things to keep in mind. It includes getting a top-grade oil from Young Living, understanding how to use it, and how it works for you.


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