Saving? Here are 8 Ways to Pay Less for Your Meds

Saving? Here are 8 Ways to Pay Less for Your Meds

The amount of money you spend on your medications can be, at times, costly. Lucky for you, there are several ways you can do to lessen the cost of your prescription drugs. The following are just some of those.

Switch to Generics

Just because the doctor prescribed you an expensive brand drug doesn’t mean you have to pay that much for your meds. A lot of brand name drugs have a cheaper generic alternative. These generic products contain the same active ingredients and are also available in the same quantity as the other.


You can always ask your doctor to write you a new prescription with the generic equivalent of the branded drug. Feel free to ask your pharmacist concerning generic alternatives. That way, you can have a cheaper option and end up saving money.

Consider a Larger Supply

You might need to take a certain medication for at least three months. If this is your case, you may ask your doctor to prescribe you a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply.


You can save more money if you purchase the prescription drug in larger quantities. Moreover, you don’t have to ask to refill your prescriptions more often. This can save you money on copays.


Some pharmacies tend to have a 30-day supply of generic meds for $4 and a 90-day supply for just $10. That’s a big discount if you think about it!

Compare Prices

Not all pharmacies charge the same price. It would be best to shop around and compare their prices to know which ones are cheaper. You can also ask prices from big box retailers and well-known grocery stores.

Use Coupons and Discount Cards

When buying medicines, search online for coupons and discount cards. A lot of websites, such as that of, offer a bunch of discounts on different prescription drugs. You can do it by easily typing the product name and see what coupons or discounts you can avail of.


Pharmacies sometimes offer discount cards as well to their valued customers. You can avail of this to pay less on your meds. Moreover, discount cards sometimes come with rewards.

Consider a Mail-Order Pharmacy

Mail-order pharmacies can sometimes provide cheaper medicines. This type of pharmacy is usually in agreement with your health insurance. Hence, it would be best to contact your insurance provider to know more about this option.


Mail-order pharmacies usually deliver your supply within a week or two after ordering it online. However, you might need to attach the prescription during purchase to ensure that the drug they are selling you is advised by your physician. If ordering it yourself is not an option, your doctor can also directly do it for you.

Seek Out a Community Charity Pharmacy

If you have a community charity pharmacy in your area, you might qualify for their drug products. This type of pharmacy is designed to provide prescription drugs to the uninsured, underinsured, and low-income at no cost.


CCPs receive several medications as donations from nonprofits and drug manufacturers. They most likely stock around more than a hundred medications that are commonly used by consumers. This includes medications for asthma, high cholesterol, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression.


The medications CCP offers are also available in retail pharmacies. However, you need to fill out an enrollment form first that shows you qualify for their services. To find a CCP in your area, you can check with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

Take Advantage of Patient Assistance Programs

If you are qualified, try participating in patient assistance programs. This can help you get a discount on your meds. These programs are created by pharmaceutical companies that provide low to no-cost prescription drugs to the less fortunate.


Brand name drugs can also be available under these programs. Furthermore, it is essential to know that each program has different criteria. However, in general, they require you to be a US citizen with an income below a specified level.


Some programs might require you not to have any insurance coverage for your medication. On the other hand, other programs would still allow it even if you have insurance as long as it doesn’t cover the specified drug you need.


You can fill out the application online. However, some might require you to do it by mail, phone, or fax. Moreover, you are required to answer the questions needed concerning your income, household, insurance, and health.

Look for State Programs

A lot of states have existing pharmaceutical assistance programs. These programs are designed to help senior citizens and persons with disabilities with low income to cover their medications’ costs. Moreover, coverage varies from one state to another.


Each state has different rules in qualifying for these programs. Some programs provide their assistance only to Medicare recipients who are not qualified to take advantage of the Part D low-income subsidy. Furthermore, others offer aid to those who have chronic conditions like HIV.


Although medications can be costly, the strategies listed above can help you pay less for your prescription drugs. That way, you can afford the products you need without hurting your budget. Furthermore, it is crucial to note that you should not skip a dose, as it can pose a danger to your health.


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