How to Have Healthy Teeth: 5 Habits to Adopt

How to Have Healthy Teeth: 5 Habits to Adopt

In the United States alone, dental care-related costs amount to $136 billion a year. Of that, $45 billion stems from productivity losses caused by untreated oral diseases.

Tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss can all cause pain and suffering, after all.

That’s why you’d want to step up your dental hygiene game and learn how to have healthy teeth. We’ll give you some of the top tips to achieve optimal oral health, so be sure to read on.

  1. Floss First, Brush After

The main importance of flossing is that it threads out debris and bacteria between the teeth. This helps prevent plaque formation, making it crucial to overall teeth cleaning. This is also why flossing at least twice a day is a critical step to a proper dental hygiene routine.

However, it appears that flossing before brushing is better than brushing before flossing. Researchers found that the floss-brush sequence can reduce more plaque. They also found that flossing before brushing can help increase fluoride concentrations.

So, if you’ve been doing the brush-floss sequence, it’s time to switch things up. Just remember that the most important thing here is to floss and brush no less than twice a day.

  1. Brush to the Tune of a Two-Minute Song

Dental health experts estimate that the average American only brushes for 45 seconds. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to get rid of enough debris and plaque. By contrast, brushing for at least two minutes can remove 26% more plaque than 45 seconds of brushing.

To help you meet the two-minute mark, play one of your favorite songs that last that long before you brush. Then, continue brushing until the 120-second track ends.

  1. Round and Round You Go

One of the best dental hygiene tips for optimal oral health is to brush using a circular motion. Doing this helps the toothbrush bristles reach the area beneath the gum line. By contrast, brushing from left to right won’t, and it may even irritate your gums.

  1. Protect Hard-to-Clean Molars with Sealants

According to, sealants can help protect the molars from decay. It further notes how studies have shown these barriers can cut the risks of cavities in molars by almost 80%.

Dental sealants are effective preventive measures because they cover the tooth’s chewing surfaces. These thin plastic coatings bond into and form a protective barrier on the grooves of the teeth. From there, they act as a shield from decay-causing debris, plaque, and tartar.

So, the next time you go in for a dental check-up, ask your dentist about sealants. You may be able to get it the same day as it only takes a few minutes to apply and cure.

  1. Visit Your Dentist

Speaking of dental check-ups, consider getting them once every six months. This way, your dentist can perform a thorough examination of your mouth. This includes looking for signs of decay, gum disease, and even oral and pharynx cancer.

From there, your dentist can proceed to give you dental prophylaxis. It’s a cleaning procedure that can get rid not only of plaque but tartar, too.

Besides, most insurance policies cover at least two dental visits a year, so take advantage of it.

Abide by These Tips on How to Have Healthy Teeth Today

Always keep in mind that the oral cavity is home to about 700 bacterial species, many of which are pathogens. Unless you control them, they can cause tooth decay, gum disease, pain, and tooth loss. That’s why as early as today, it’s best to start practicing the tips we listed above on how to have healthy teeth.

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