How to Replace a Missing Tooth: 5 Options to Consider

How to Replace a Missing Tooth: 5 Options to Consider

Our teeth do a lot for us; they are the first step to breaking down essential nutrients for us to live. But our teeth go through a lot as well, they can harbor dangerous bacteria that can break them down.

This can cause tooth loss; by 45 almost three out of every four Americans are missing one or more permanent teeth.

Missing a tooth can cause problems, such as decreased self-confidence or self-esteem and an aversion to smiling in pictures. It can cause speech impediments, weaken chewing ability, and even cause teeth to shift.

If these are problems you experience, then you should consider replacing that tooth. Here are some options on how to replace a missing tooth.

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5 Ways On How To Replace A Tooth

Tooth replacement can be made simple but researching which option is best for you. But here are a few options to get started.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are quite honestly the closest you will get to having the original tooth you lost. They act as implant restorations and look and feel like your lost tooth, so much that you might even forget which ones are real and which aren’t.

The cons to implants though are the procedure and costs involved. The dentist has to insert a metal screw, making it invasive and creates a long healing time, and its the most expensive of all the options.

If this is for you, the results are highly effective.

Removable Partial Denture

If the permanents are the most expensive, the removables are the most cost-effective. Its usually used for one or two teeth, and the work from the dentist is minimal.

The fake teeth clasp together and fill the gaps. However, they can be uncomfortable to the wearer, and not always look cosmetically attractive. They can often be discolored or the metal can show.


Another cost-effective solution as a tooth-support bridge. In this one, the dentist fills the gap by ‘bridging’ a connector two the teeth on either side of the gap.

However, the dentist must shave down the other two teeth that are probably still healthy which could make them more susceptible to problems later. And food can slip underneath the bridge.

Implanted Bridge

If you are missing several teeth in a row, the implant-supported bridge is the best option. Instead of outfitting each tooth, the dentist will fix the fake teeth at both ends.

The teeth in between are not cemented nor screwed, limiting its invasiveness. However, it is only effective for multiple lost teeth and you will eventually have to get them replaced.

Do Nothing

There is always the option to do nothing. Eventually, your teeth will shift to compensate for the gap left by the tooth. However, this does cause problems for the future health of your teeth.

Have A Great Smile Again

Losing a tooth is not the end of the world. There are many options than the ones listed here that can help you remedy the situation.

How to replace a missing tooth for you is subject to what you think would be best, but remember, even though it may be expensive now, it can be cost-effective in the long run.

Your teeth go through a lot for you. Preserve them as best you can.


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