Life is only beautiful if one is physically and mentally healthy and fit. People can’t reap the full benefits of life if they are suffering from a long period of illness. Chronic pain is one of the worst imaginable diseases to have to deal with on a daily basis. There are various remedies that one might try out to battle the muscle pain. Continue reading this article to find out probable causes muscle aches and useful tips on to cure the same.

The causes of muscle pain: There can be many underlying causes of prolonged muscle pains, but usually, they do not last more than two-three days.

  • Over-exercising is one of the causes of muscle and joint pain. Those who do not know how to warm up their body for exercising may cause muscle irritation, and hence pain is inevitable. Take time and do warm-ups before lifting any heavy items or doing hard-exercising. The same rules apply for the cool-down of the body. You cannot just drop a heavy exercise all of a sudden. You end up by doing lighter exercises, so that your body may have the time to get back to its normal state. If you are new to practicing with gym equipments, then it is highly recommended to work under the supervision of a health instructor to get the benefits.
  • Sudden fall or accidents are common contributors to muscle pain. It might be that at the time of the accident, you thought it to be minor and did not pay much notice, but later the tensed muscle caused you suffering.
  • When one is suffering from fever, muscle pain is a common symptom.

There are various remedies that you might try on to get rid of that pain once and for all.


  1. Apply over the counter lotion and massage gently. There are various brands of pain relief ointments available at your local drug store. Buy one, apply the same for a few days and monitor the progress.
  2. Apply ice and rest the area where it pains. Pain is something that makes you feel its existence more than anything. So, take complete rest without moving your body too much.
  3. Have a CBD infused oil massage to relax your whole body. CBD oil, infused with cannabis, helps lessen the pain by calming down the nerves on the body. People with back pain, benefit in the long run for the daily use of such therapeutic oil. In most of the states in US, the use of medical marijuana is legal. Patients can legally buy and use medical marijuana in the States like Oklahoma, therefore buy your bottle of therapeutic medical CBD oil from any dispensary and enjoy the full benefit of the same.
  4. Daily stretching and exercising are good ways to control your pain. Regular stretching helps the muscle to expand and release pent-up stress that may cause by sitting in the same posture for hours daily. With proper exercising, drink plenty of water to get rid of dehydration which is one of the factors for the stress accumulation in the muscles.


Apply all the homemade remedies that you think will relieve you from the numbing pain. If the agony does not subside, consult with professionals to investigate the matter further. Treat yourself with love and kindness; getting a proper diagnosis is the best way to ensure a healthy treatment procedure.


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