Silencil Review: Everything you need to know about

Silencil Review: Everything you need to know about

Imagine how distressing it is to keep suffering from the constant ringing or noise in the ears. This discomfort is quite intense and this situation is termed “Tinnitus.” Although many play deaf ears to the damaging and enraging situation of tinnitus, it can have a devastating effect on the life of an individual.

Statistics have shown that almost 15% of the general populace suffer from some sorts of tinnitus. Research has also proven that younger adults suffer from tinnitus, although it is prevalent amongst older adults.

Tinnitus develops with time, but can occur suddenly in some instances. Tinnitus is associated with age-related hearing loss, ear-wax buildup, and inner ear damage caused by constant loud noise.

The fight against tinnitus is where Silencil comes into the picture. Silencil promises to relief patients or individuals from the ringing in the ears (tinnitus). But several questions keep running through the minds of many such as;

Does Silencil actually work?

What makes Silencil effective?

Is it safe to use Silencil?

Are there any negatives with Silencils?

Those are just a few questions amongst many that could be in the mind of the public. But not to worry, as this review will provide answers to these crucial questions and expose the positives as well as negatives as touching Silencil.

Let’s dig right into it

What is Silencil?

Silencil is a dietary supplement that aims at relieving or silencing the ringing in the ears. Check the records!! You will see that millions of people suffer from persistent low volume ringing in the ears. This situation is agonizing and Silencil is a pure naturally made supplement that is believed to treat the root cause of tinnitus caused by inflammation of the brain.

A Short Story on Silencil

It’s time we go down the memory lane. Did Silencil pop out of thin air? Of course No. Just as it is with any other thing, Silencil has its roots. It is quite amazing to know that Silencil was created by someone who also suffered from the agony of tinnitus. It all started when a man called Henry Sanders began to experience the agonizing buzzing sounds in his ears. I think this was quite a wrong move made by tinnitus, because Henry Sanders is known to be a research analyst who works for a pharmaceutical company. It’s like saying “Hey tinnitus, how dare you.”

Henry Sanders began his quest for a cure, and as a result he discovered that there is a relationship between tinnitus and inflammation of the brain. This was a major breakthrough and with the assistance of Dr. Thomas Peterson, Silencil was born.

What Ingredients make up Silencil?

You will agree with me that every potent supplement has its magic ingredients that brings about game changing effects and Silencil is no different. Taking a deep dive into the makeup and science of Silencil, it is established that Silencil comprises about twenty eight ingredients. The good news as well as the strong point is that these ingredients are natural, carefully selected with the picture of safety and efficiency in mind. Quite relieving right?

So I will give you the heads-up that Silencil is void of additives or chemicals that may have adverse effects on the human body.

What are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into the most important game changing ingredients of Silencil

Vitamins B1, B2, and B6

The efficiency and importance of vitamins on a basic scale shouldn’t be far-fetched, because we all would have experienced its efficacy at some point in time. Silencil contains the Vitamin series B1, B2, & B6. These vitamins support the general function of the body, giving the body the maximum help that it needs for daily metabolism. The brain, heart, and several other parts of the human body are all subject to the help of vitamins. For example, vitamins help regulate the glucose level getting to the brain, which is important in the treatment of tinnitus.

Mucuna Pruriens

When it comes to treating the mental aspect of the body, Mucuna Pruriens is a popular ingredient. These ingredients stimulate the release of dopamine hormones which enhances your mood and lowers stress. Studies have also shown that it strengthens neural transmitters and reduces inflammation.

Oat Straw

The presence of oat straw in Silencil is targeted at the nervous system. Going through history, Oat straw has a reputable record of its usage in traditional Chinese medicine. Although it has several uses, when it comes to tinnitus, oat straw eases symptoms of anxiety and reduces inflammation.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn combats brain inflammation. This is possible because it is an antioxidant containing polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties.

In the battle against inflammation, good circulation of blood and oxygen in the body is vital. Hawthorn facilitates adequate circulation in the body.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

When you hear about this ingredient, it is mostly expressed by its acronym GABA. It facilitates the release of serotonins, which are mood stabilizing hormones. Mood stability is vital in the treatment of tinnitus as it enhances your mental health.


This is another antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Ashwagandha reduces stress, suppresses depression symptoms, and even posseses anti-cancer properties.


Rhodiola enhances brain functions and reduces stress. The ingredient is also known to stimulate the release of cortisol hormones, which are pivotal in combating anxiety.

Skull Cap

Several traditional healers have employed this ingredient in the treatment of mental pain, and headaches. Skull cap is an antioxidant with immense circulatory benefits.


Chamomile helps reduce blood sugar which is quite important in reducing inflammation in the brain.

What Silencil Will Do For You: The Positives

It’s showtime, and now we head straight up to analyzing the positives one can get by using Silencil. Ooops!! Just before we dig right into it, It will be ideal that we have a quick reminder that Henry Sanders discovered a relationship between tinnitus and inflammation of the brain. This portrays that the whole issue is a brain affair.

Alright, let’s get right into it

Reduces Brain Inflammation

This is the very first point of action. Silencil reduces inflammation of the brain as this is evident with several anti-inflammatory ingredients present in the supplements. As a result of the present ingredients, swellings are reduced and your nerve cells begin to repair.

Heals the Brain

Inflammation will surely cause a series of damages to the brain, but as it is reduced using Silencil, the brain begins its healing process.

Enhances Brain Health and Overall Mental Wellbeing

Silencil doesn’t stop at healing the brain but it also facilitates the mental wellbeing of the individual. It ensures that the brain continues in a healthy state even after healing. With the immense proportion of adequate ingredients, Silencil can drastically improve your mental wellbeing, saving you from the agonizing buzzing sounds in the ear that is capable of making one run mad.

Are There Any Negatives with Silencil?

After thorough research and feedback from users, It has been established that there are no negatives or side effects with Silencil.

The big question could be why aren’t there any negatives?

Here are a few answers that apply

  • Silencil supplement is natural
  • Its production is approved by the Foods and Drugs Administration. This means that Silencil is being produced under adequate facilities hence the quality.
  • Silencil does not interfere with your feeding routines or any other diets you might be taking. This makes its usage simple.
  • It is a non-GMO product. This means that Silencil is not related to genetically modified organisms, and this accounts for the zero side effect index as it is also suitable for diabetic patients.

If you want to read more indepth about silencil, you must read this review of silencil. Because they covered all the things about silencil.

Other Information You Need to Know

  • You can only buy Silencil on the official website as no other market place is licensed for its sales.
  • There is a 60-day refund policy when you make a purchase of Silencil. Users are offered the chance to get their money back if there is no improvement in the treatment.
  • One capsule of Silencil should be taken daily as it contains 30 capsules which will be able to cover a month.
  • Although Silencil begins to reduce inflammation immediately after use, a significant result is seen a few weeks after use.
  • Any individual above 18years of age can take Silencil.

Final Verdict

Going through this piece has revealed several important pieces of information on Silencil. From the gathered information, it is quite clear that the positives behind Silencil are quite numerous compared to the zero index negatives or side effects.

Silencil is quite a real deal and should be highly considered for the treatment of tinnitus. This dietary supplement does not only target the reduction of inflammation, but also enhances the overall mental wellbeing of the individual.



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