Tinnitus And Muffled Hearing

Tinnitus And Muffled Hearing


Usually, we can communicate and understand using the senses of speaking and listening to each other. Hearing is brought about by our ears, in which there is a complex system involving specific processes. This complex system helps us understand the sounds by converting sound waves into nerve impulses carried through the auditory nerve to the brain.

But sometimes, the regular system fails to work correctly, and there are also different medical conditions related to the ears. You may face ringing in your ears (Tinnitus). Also, the sound waves are blocked and cannot reach the inner ear, and ultimately your brain.


Ringing and buzzing of the ear are termed Tinnitus. It is characterized by clicking sound in the ear, therefore causing Muffled hearing. This sensation may be temporary or permanent. It happens when sensory hair cells in the inner ear are damaged.

Prolonged exposure to loud sounds such as coming from a concert, gunshot sound, or witnessing explosives trigger Tinnitus. Sometimes, even the cause is unknown. The ringing may be mild and barely noticeable or maybe louder enough to disturb sleeping or concentration.

Muffled Hearing

Muffled hearing is related to a condition in which you feel like cotton buds are in your ears. You may feel the sensation of pressure in your ears, similar to the situation when you fly through an airplane.

Muffled hearing occurs when you get your ears blocked, so sound waves face difficulty reaching your inner ear. Many factors could contribute to your clogged ears. Mostly, it clears up on its own. However, sometimes require medical attention from your healthcare provider.


Apart from feeling difficulty in listening and understanding sound, you may also feel these typical symptoms:

  • Ringing in Both Ears (Tinnitus)
  • Discharge from ears.
  • Pain in the ears.
  • A feeling of fullness in your ears.

You may experience muffled hearing in one or both of your ears depending upon if both the ears are affected or not.

Age-related Hearing Loss

This is also termed presbycusis. High-pitched voices are usually silenced when you approach an age group. Even phone rings are challenging to hear when a person is affected by hearing loss due to presbycusis. The symptoms may worsen from mild to severe depending upon the age and extent of inner ear weakness. There may also be difficulty in listening to females’ voices, and ringing problems in the ear are also reported.

Earwax Accumulation

Our ears typically produce earwax, which prevents the ear from getting dry and regulates the air temperature entering your ears. Usually, the earwax gets removed by itself through the standard mechanism of the ear. However, sometimes it may get buildup and impact one or both the ear, causing difficulty in hearing.

Other complications due to earwax buildup may include ringing in both ears and earache.

Sinus Infection

When the cavities around the nasal passage get infected and inflamed, it is called Sinus infectionor Sinusitis. This infection may also cause muffled hearing due to the connection of the nose with the ear. Bad breath and coughing are also seen.

Middle Ear Infections

When the fluid is accumulated in your middle ear, it may provide the medium for bacterial growth, causing middle ear infections. It may lead to swelling in the eustachian tubes.

Some middle ear infections are clear on their own and are mild. But sometimes, it can lead to severe hearing problems. Ear drainage and ear pain are also noted.

Common Colds

A common cold may also cause hearing problems. It is usually characterized by blockage of Eustachian tubes and leads to muffled hearing. These are mostly harmless but can interfere with hearing. Other symptoms of cold and flu are also seen.


Muffled hearing and ringing of both ears are common yet disturbing. It must not be left as it is since it can disturb your daily lifestyle. To keep life regular, try consulting expert healthcare providers. An Otolaryngologist is an expert in diagnosing and treating the problems related to your ear, nose, or throat; hence he is an ENT Specialist Doctor. At Marham.Pk, we have the best ENT Doctors available for your guidance and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1-Is gargling with salt water good for curing muffled hearing at home?

Gargling with salt water helps clear up your throat and is also suitable for curing muffled hearing. Therefore it could be acquired.

2-How long does muffled hearing last?

Usually, muffled hearing cures itself within a few hours.e., coming from an airplane. However, it may last for up to two to three weeks. If it survives, even more, try consulting your healthcare provider since it could be a symptom of some other complication.

3-Can anxiety cause muffled hearing?

Anxiety and depression can cause many diseases and disorders in your body. Many experts believe it could also trigger many problems related to hearing; therefore, the muffled hearing could also be possible.

4-Are alcohol and caffeine bad for hearing?

Research shows that consuming too much alcohol or caffeine-like products can lead to problems with your ears and even Tinnitus.


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