What Does Shortness of Breath Feel Like?

What Does Shortness of Breath Feel Like?

Are you feeling a bit under the weather? Maybe something just doesn’t feel right. You may be wondering if this could be shortness of breath. But what does shortness of breath feel like? With everything happening in our world today, this could be a scary symptom.

Keep reading to find out if this is actually what you are experiencing and what causes shortness of breath!

What Is Shortness of Breath?

Shortness of breath is also called dyspnea or breathlessness. It’s your body telling you that something in your respiratory system is not functioning to the best of its ability. There are times when shortness of breath can be explained away.

You may feel out of breath during or after exercising. This could be normal but if you can’t explain your trouble breathing or there are other symptoms, there is likely a cause for concern.

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What Does Shortness of Breath Feel Like?

Shortness of breath can be described as a heaviness or tightness in the chest. If you are experiencing this you will probably feel as if you can’t get enough oxygen into your lungs. This is known as air hunger.

You may feel as if you are putting in more effort than normal to simply breathe. It’s likely that you will be trying to take quick breaths or large breaths in an attempt to fill your lungs.

Shortness of breath can happen out of nowhere or become an increasing issue. Either way, it still way be a cause for concern. Take your health history into consideration when considering the risks.

Causes of Shortness of Breath

As previously mentioned, shortness of breath can be caused by numerous things. As you think about your other symptoms, if any, you will be able to get a better idea of what could be affecting you. You should seek medical attention if you are concerned.

One of the newly discovered causes is COVID-19. If you are experiencing shortness of breath in addition to fever, cough, and fatigue you should seek the advice of a medical professional. You can learn more about COVID-19 and how to get tested here.

Any level of anxiety can cause trouble breathing. This could be associated with a panic attack. You may even mistake this for a heart attack.

Some additional causes of shortness of breath are:

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • COPD
  • congestive heart failure
  • heart attack
  • lung disease
  • obesity
  • pneumonia
  • pulmonary embolism
  • tuberculosis
  • smoking
  • low hemoglobin levels

Not all causes are listed, so always follow the advice of a medical professional. Seek help if you are experiencing other symptoms such as swollen feet, nausea, faintness, chest pain, fever, or blue lips and fingertips.

Understanding Shortness of Breath

Now that we have answered what does shortness of breath feel like, you’re likely to feel better without fear of the unknown. Pinpointing your symptoms will get you one step closer to finding the cause if there is an actual problem.

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