What Is EWOT and Why Is It Beneficial to Me?

What Is EWOT and Why Is It Beneficial to Me?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your exercising options? Last year, 46 percent of those who made New Year’s resolutions wanted to exercise more. Getting healthy is the main goal for many people each year.

If you’re looking for the best exercising options, you’ve come to the right place. Improving your fitness doesn’t have to seem overwhelming. Keep on reading to learn more about EWOT benefits and how this therapy will help you on your health journey.

Exercising Options

One of the best exercising tips is not to overthink it. You don’t have to go all-in at once. It can take trial and error to find what works for you. The main thing is to get started.

There are some general guidelines to go by when looking for the best exercising options. These can work for any situation, no matter your fitness level.

Remember that some exercise is better than none at all. Focus on progress, not perfection. Try to do a little more each day as your health permits.

One thing you should not overlook is getting plenty of sleep. Quality sleep helps your body recharge. When you rest well, you can perform well.

Make sure you listen to your body. Some people push themselves too hard in the beginning, and it leads to burnout and injury. It may also cause debilitating fatigue.

One of the best exercising options is to make it a priority. You have to schedule your routine and stick to it. You can enter a workout into your calendar as an appointment, so it becomes a part of your day.

Don’t forget about recovery. Some people think the sleep they get at night is enough to restore them for more exercise the next day. Taking an entire rest day could help your body heal and decrease the potential for injury.

What Is EWOT?

One way to enhance your exercising options is to incorporate the use of EWOT. It not only increases circulation, but it may be a way to hack your routine. When you exercise, your body will use oxygen.

What is EWOT? EWOT is an acronym for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. It regulates the amount of oxygen you get while you exercise. It gets used to provide fast results with a short amount of time applied.

EWOT therapy uses light exercise where the person’s bloodstream can get oxygenated. Changing oxygen concentration during exercise will create a slower-paced workout at a high intensity.

When your pace gets reduced, it puts less stress on your body. EWOT benefits your body by providing high-intensity training with changing your oxygen flow. It’s like getting a ramped-up workout without the harsh after-effects.

How EWOT Works

To get EWOT benefits, you will use exercise oxygen masks during your workout. The exercise mask will help send oxygen through the capillaries. That helps to increase circulation throughout your body.

EWOT uses an oxygen concentrator. That will separate oxygen from nitrogen in the air and send the oxygen through the mask. When you wear the exercise mask, you breathe in the oxygen.

A bag gets filled with oxygen using a generator. The mask connects to the bag via a hose so you can breathe in the oxygen while you exercise. You get a steady supply of oxygen during your workout.

That oxygen will work its way through to all your veins, capillaries, and arteries.  Increasing circulation gives your cells the energy they need for everyday functions. They go through millions of reactions every day.

One of the exercising tips to remember is that EWOT increases your heart rate. That helps you make more carbon dioxide and will increase the oxygen level in your tissues.

To get these EWOT benefits, you will do fifteen-minute sessions. The best exercising options for this are ones that need little head movement since you’ll wear a mask. You want to exercise at least three times per week to get the full EWOT benefits.

EWOT Benefits

Oxygen is essential for every system in your body to work well. EWOT benefits not only your everyday workout but also replenishes your body. When you increase circulation, vessels and tissues get the oxygen-rich blood they need.

Your cells need a certain level of oxygen to perform everyday functions. When they don’t get the oxygen they need, it impacts your body.

The oxygen will also help support ATP, also known as adenosine triphosphate. Your body uses ATP for fuel and to reduce inflammation. The more ATP supply you have, the better your recovery could be.

EWOT is one of the best exercising options because it restores your blood flow. Stress and medical problems can restrict blood flow. When your oxygen supply gets decreased, your brain and liver can get damaged.

Restoring oxygen-rich blood flow helps expand constricted capillaries. If capillaries get deprived of oxygen, they swell, preventing oxygenation. EWOT reduces the swelling and will increase circulation.

EWOT benefits your body by getting the organs the oxygen they need. It may even improve blood flow to the brain.

Some research shows low oxygen levels could be causing tumor growth in some cancers. Keeping an adequate supply of oxygen going through your body could help you stay healthy.

Who Can Benefit From EWOT?

EWOT is one of the best exercising options because everyone can use it. There is no age limit to who can benefit from it. Anyone who wants to increase circulation and improve their health may enjoy EWOT.

When every part of your body gets the oxygen it needs, it’ll perform the processes it should to keep you healthy. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our site for more informative tips on health and wellness!


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