What to Look For When Choosing a Home Care Agency

What to Look For When Choosing a Home Care Agency

America’s population is aging at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the 2020 census proved that the US had the lowest decade-long growth rate in recorded history.

What does that mean for those edging into their later retirement years? More families are now looking into senior living and care agency options (and expecting many more from those options) than ever before. These options offer seniors independence while still getting the support they need.

Are you wondering what makes the best care agency? Read on for advice to help you choose the right home for your loved ones.

Work Out What Kind of Care You Need

When looking into the best senior care agencies, it’s essential to consider your family member’s needs. Typically, in-home care for seniors is split into two distinct categories.

These include:

  • Skilled nursing care and therapy
  • Non-medical health and wellness

In the first instance, care is provided by a registered nurse and monitored by a doctor. This type of care goes beyond helping with daily tasks and includes assistance with specific treatments and medication regimes. Carers might need to administer physiotherapy, ensure medical equipment is functioning correctly, and more.

In other cases, a person might need home healthcare providers to help with day-to-day activities, from cooking and cleaning and doing household chores to bathing and getting dressed. This kind of care is classed as non-medical and can be undertaken by licensed care professionals.

Once you’re sure of the kind of care you need, you can start looking at the different agencies that provide that care.

Ask Around for Recommendations

The hunt for the perfect care agency near me isn’t easy, especially when you want peace of mind your loved one will be well taken care of. You can’t always tell from a company’s marketing material whether they’re a reputable service, so it’s crucial to ask for first-hand recommendations.

Speak to your family member’s doctor first to see if they can offer some insight into nearby care agencies. They deal with these companies weekly, if not daily, so they should know which to avoid. You can also chat with your financial advisors or attorney or friends and family members going through the same situation with their loved ones.

You can also ask for references from the care agencies you’re considering. References should come from both clients as well as medical authorities.

When you ask for a reference, take the opportunity to ask the service a few determining questions about their service, such as what types of feedback they receive and what kind of care they might offer in your specific situation.

Settling on the Right Care Agency

When choosing the care agency that’s right for your family member, look for a business that offers quality services, has a good reputation, and holds the correct licensing. If you have the luxury of time, take it and research the options near you thoroughly. This type of care is usually long-term, so you want to make sure your loved one is cared for well by the right people.

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