Why Do Low Carb Diets Work for Weight Loss

Why Do Low Carb Diets Work for Weight Loss

It is a fact that low carb diets work.  This is backed up with pieces of evidence, as seen from more than 22 high-quality studies carried out in humans.

If you wish to lose weight, a low carb diet is just great for you as they help you achieve weight loss two to three times more than the typical low-fat diet we are advised to follow. They are also considered safe to consume without any resultant side effects.

Studies carried out on low carb diets reveals that they are a tool for key improvement in important risk factors. HDL goes up while Blood pressure, blood sugar level, and Triglycerides go down.

Proofs have shown that low carb diets are effective for people who have metabolic syndrome anddiabetes while also helping you lose fat, which would otherwise have built up in and around your organs and lead to inflammation of the liver.

Why Do They Work?

Overtime, people have always debated why low carb diets work, and this has led to a controversy many times because they wonder the process that goes on in the cells and organs that eventually results in weight loss. However, until today, no one can fully comprehend and explain exactly how these low carb diets are so effective because there are various opinions regarding it. You can visit Weight Loss Surgery Manchester to learn more tips regarding it.

This article exposes you to some of the most resounding clarification to explain how the low carb diets are so effective.

Carb DietReduces Insulin Levels

One of the important hormones in the body is insulin, which helps to regulate blood sugar level and energy storage in addition to controlling the fat cells, telling it when to produce, store, and hold fat. Other functions of insulin include stimulating lipogenesis (fat production) and limiting lipolysis (fat burning) as well as working with other body cells to burn the glucose from the bloodstream instead of fat.

When you take low carb diets, it helps to decrease insulin to a significantly low level in your body. Thus insulin levels are the major reason why low carb diets are effective.

According to experts like Gary Taubes and late Dr. Atkins, when you consume low carb diets, and your insulin level reduces, the fat in your body will become useful and give you energy rather been tucked away in the fat cells. This will make you feel less need to eat. However, many researchers who carry out research on obesity do not believe the above assertion as they feel it is not backedup with substantial evidence.

In summary, taking diets that have low carb causes the insulin’s blood level to reduce too. A high level of insulin promotes fat storage, while a low level of insulin encourages the burning of fat.

There is a Rapid Drop in Water Weight In The Beginning

It has been observed that people lose weight rapidly in the first few weeks of taking low carb diets; this is believed to be aided by a decrease in water weight. To explain this better, we can do that in two ways;

  1. Insulin: when the level of insulin reduces, the kidney also gets rid of the surplus sodium in the body, which in turn lowers blood pressure.
  2. Glycogen: carb is stored as glycogen, which holds water in the liver and muscles. So when you take less carb, glycogen level in your body reduces, and the water goes along with it.

You surely do not want to be stuck moving around with too much water weight or experience a belly fat in your abdominal cavity, so taking a low carb diet is an added advantage as it reduces the water weight in your body in addition to fat loss.

There is a High Level of Protein in Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets have been found to contain even much more protein than low-fat diets because people have substituted low protein foods like grain and sugars for food with higher protein level foods like meat, fish, and eggs.

The importance of protein in the body cannot be overemphasized. It helps to increase metabolism, lower your appetite, and boost muscle mass while also burning calories.

It is believed by many experts that the high protein level of low carb diets is the major reason why it is effective.

Low Carb Diets Have A Metabolic Advantage

According to a 2012 study, it was observed that low carb diets amplified energy expenditure compared to a low-fat diet during weight conservation. The said increase was close to 250 calories, which are proportional to one hour of mildly intense exercise in a day.

Another metabolic advantage of a low carb diet is that it helps to convert protein into glucose at the start via a process known as gluconeogenesis, which is, however, considered not to be effective and sometimes results in a waste of calories.

Low Carb Diets Don’t Offer as Much Varieties and Ofer Less Food Benefits

Some of the junk foods that have been said to cause fattening in most parts of the world are usually omitted from low carb diets. Such food includes but not limited to sugar, fruit juice, and other sugary drinks, French fries, pastries, white bread, and other snacks that are not healthy for consumption.

However, this comes with a cost as you will have fewer options to choose from when you exclude most food with high carb, especially as corn,wheat, and sugar are present in most processed foods.

The good news is that, when you have reduced food variety, and you decrease the way you take junks, the result is a reduction in your consumption of calories especially when you incorporate low carb meal replacement shakes into your routine.

Low Carb Diets Lower Your Appetite

Low carb diets have a powerful influence on one’s appetite. Even though people who take low carb foods are allowed to eat until they get full, they still usually shed more weight than those who consume low-fat food.

Studies have also proven that the long term results of taking low carb diets are not as effective as the short term as the difference between low carb eaters and low-fat eaters usually vanish after one or two years. This could be because people may get tired of eating low carb foods consistently and later revert to their normal eating habits, thereby making them gain weight again. In reality, most weight-loss diets are very hard to stick to.


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