Calisthenics Go-To Guide: 5 Best Equipment For Beginners

Calisthenics Go-To Guide: 5 Best Equipment For Beginners

When you start calisthenics training at home, you may start with basic bodyweight exercises. However, when you slowly move towards great muscle and strength training, you will need a plethora of equipment to increase the exercise variety and train with ease. Thus, in this guide, we have covered all the top calisthenics equipment to help you progress rapidly toward your desired goals. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top 5 Calisthenics Equipment For Beginners

We have shared in-depth details about each Calisthenics equipment that beginners can incorporate into their workouts.

Resistance Bands

In calisthenics, resistance bands are flat-looped broad bands that can assist you while performing the movement in your workout regime. The equipment is perfect for bodyweight training as you can alter the intensity of assistance with different types of brands according to your end goal.

It is perfect for beginners that are diving into the world of calisthenics. For example, they can use it while performing the pull-up to support some weight and make the whole exercise easier. Once you progress, you can shift to lighter bands and, at last, remove them and perform the exercise without any resistance.

Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is another essential piece of equipment for beginners to invest in while performing the exercise at their home. No doubt push-ups and squats don’t need any equipment, but incorporating a pull movement exercise is vital to maintain a balance between all the muscle groups and enjoy a good posture of the body.

There are different types of pull-up bars available in the market, like free-style, wall-mounted, door-mounted, etc. You can pick any according to your home setting and custom requirements. A door-mounted pull-up bar is the easiest to install among all types and is perfect for beginners. Moreover, it comes with budget-friendly price tags.

Gymnastic Rings

Next on the list is gymnastic rings that offer various advantages to people while performing calisthenics exercises. You will enjoy a better range of motion while performing advanced movements on the rings as compared to other calisthenics equipment.

The rings add less stress to your joints, so you can elevate the level of your exercise without any injury risk. Moreover, you can include progression overload with the rings on different exercises easily. Besides all this, they are easy to install and do not add stress to your budget.


A pair of parallettes is another crucial piece of equipment that can help you perform several exercises with proper technique. The major advantage of parallettes is that you can add new variations of exercise to your workout regime and use them anywhere you want. It is easy to transport, so you can carry it anywhere and avoid missing your daily routine.

On top of all this, you will feel less pressure and strain on your wrists while performing exercises on it. They allow you to enjoy a natural grip which is more comfortable and safer.

Cardio Equipment

Last but not least, cardio equipment is also necessary to train properly and maintain the good health of your body. You can invest in a treadmill, skipping rope, exercise bike, etc., according to your space and budget. With this equipment, you will feel a rise in your performance and fitness level.

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The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of all the Calisthenics equipment, you can check which ones can prove to be useful in your workout regime. We are sure you will love using the equipment and enjoy your Calisthenics workout even more. Just make your all your equipment stays away from sunlight and moisture for great longevity.


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