10 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment in Your House

10 Ways to Create a Healthy Environment in Your House

Rats, mold, and gas leaks – these are some issues that make many houses and apartments unsafe. However, these houses are mostly marked unsafe by severe health and safety hazards ranging from poor heating to damaged plumbing. Surveys indicate that different American households don’t even have a breathable atmosphere inside the house. So, how to resolve the issue of an unhealthy household environment? Even though homeowners spend six hours every week cleaning their abodes, the problem persists.

But not to worry, we’ll describe some cleaning strategies to ensure you live in a healthy environment at home. Follow our suggestions to make everything germ-free today:

Creating a healthy environment inside the house

  1. Purify the air

Contrary to what you might have heard, many American homes suffer from “indoor air pollution” caused by dirt, dust, and gases buildup. Unfortunately, your internal climate is highly unhealthy, and you have to make the air breathable again. But how to do that? Just get an air purifier and prevent the pollution from harming your family’s well-being.

This machine filters out most dust particles and allows you to inhale dirt-free air again. So, spend on a state-of-the-art purifier now for the safety of your family members.

  1. Check for asbestos

You should contact experts to remove mold, mildew, and asbestos from your apartment. Asbestos – a naturally-occurring fibrous mineral – causes several diseases such as cancer, asbestosis, and other issues. Among these, the most concerning is mesothelioma that kills around 2,500 Americans annually. What’s more alarming is that the malignant form of mesothelioma may kill a person in 12-21 months.

That’s why you shouldn’t show negligence when it comes to asbestos. Call professionals to make your house asbestos-free now.

  1. Monitor CO levels

Carbon monoxide (CO) can seriously damage your family’s health, and children are more susceptible to its effects. When this odorless/colorless gas exists inside the house even moderately, you can develop flu-like symptoms without a fever. Sadly, 400+ people in America die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

Therefore, we insist on installing CO alarms outside every room.

  1. Become a minimalist

Today, minimalism has become fashionable in the United States. Are you familiar with Marie Kondo’s philosophy? Her bestseller “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” introduced the concept of reducing useless stuff from your life. She states that you must throw away anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” But how does this ensure a healthy household environment? It reduces clutter which is the main culprit in attracting and building dust, dirt, mildew, etc. What’s more, it even adversely impacts your mental well-being.

So, buy the things you need and learn to live with fewer material possessions.

  1. Test for radon

A survey by EPA shows that every fifteenth American household suffers from elevated radon levels. It’s believed that radon is the leading reason nonsmokers develop cancer in their lungs. This gas (which is radioactive) comes into being when uranium starts decaying in the soil. Since you can’t see this gas or smell it, it isn’t easy to detect its presence without having a testing kit. Therefore, it’s only viable to purchase this kit and avoid radon exposure for the sake of your family members’ health.

  1. Control the light

Allow sunlight to illuminate your house as it’s beneficial for your family’s health. Since your children will spend most of their time indoors, sunlight will provide them with the essential Vitamin D. Sunlight also improves your mental and physical health by producing serotonin – the hormones of happiness. So, keep your rooms bright during the day by opening all curtains.

We also suggest eliminating the “light pollution” that may interfere with your sleep pattern. It’s wise to get some shades for the windows along with masks for your eyes when you sleep.

  1. Use soy candles

Many homeowners utilize scented candles to keep their apartments fragrant. But these candles are seriously harmful to your family’s health. These petroleum-based products release unsafe chemicals that may cause common allergies and asthma,or worse, cancer. Conversely, vegetable-based candles (the soy ones) aren’t dangerous at all. So, modify your preferences when buying chemical-based products for household purposes.

  1. Grow indoor plants

We aren’t suggestingyou grow an entire garden inside the apartment;instead, bring a few plants. Greenery helps enhance our physical and mental well-being. However, it’s difficult for people to acquire gardening as a pastime. For this purpose, we suggest having some plants in your vicinity. This practice can positively affect your family’s mental health.

Plants keep the air breathable, thereby protecting your household environment from external pollutants. So go ahead and make nature a part of your household climate.

  1. Clean more often

Studies show that Americans have surprisingly excellent cleaning habits. A survey indicates that 50% of American households are “always clean,” and one-fourth of adults clean their houses daily. We’ve also seen how two-thirds of Americans have started to clean/disinfect their homes more often after COVID-19. Hence, we also suggest cleaning your apartment regularly – especially the kitchen and the bathroom. This practice will significantly decrease the chances of germs and infections spreading through your house.

  1. Get some pets

Statistics indicate that almost 70% of families in the US own pets (cats and dogs mostly). So, how does owning some animals help your family stay healthy? These creatures create a healthy climate in your dwelling by reducing your blood pressure, elevating your mood, and lowering the risk of heart diseases. Experts have attested that owning animals in the house is good for your health. So, visiting that animal shelter is a good option.


How many of us have a healthy environment at home? Do we even consider thinking about this?Just cleaning your house isn’t enough – especially during an ongoing pandemic. So, we suggest you disinfect it properly with EPA-approved chemicals andget air purifiers for each room. It’s also wise to switch to soy candles as they don’t produce harmful chemicals. On this note, avoid using chemical-based products altogether. Likewise, don’t forget to clean out your pantry and bring some plants inside the house. Also, we advise getting some pets (cats/dogs will do) as they influence your health positively. By sticking to these tips, you’ll be improving the environment in your house within no time.


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