In order to find a suitable career, you must consider several factors such as the working environment, salary, working hours, and more. Before deciding on an occupation, make a list of what you like best to do. Is helping others a priority for you? If so, your innate empathy will make you an ideal candidate for the profession of Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA). This profession is still evolving and offers many opportunities for people with the right skills and education. Read the full article to know more about PTA.

Job Role: PTAs provide therapy under the guidance and supervision of a trained physiotherapist. A therapy assistant implements the patient-care component, receives data related to the treatment provided, and works with a Personal Trainer (PT) to modify care as needed. Physical Therapy Assistants provide therapy to treat people of all ages, from newborns to the aged.

Job Satisfaction: As a PTA, you work with individual patients and monitor their progress throughout the treatment. There is no better source of happiness than knowing that you are changing the lives of others. You will get a chance to work with patients to prevent incapacity.

  • In today’s tight job market, the career of a PTA is a good choice. PTAs are in high demand due to the aging baby boomers, and they are more likely to suffer from chronic and disabling diseases that require a physical therapy assistant.
  • Working directly with the patient enables PTAs to resolve their health conditions through exercise. Many patients need PTA’s help to overcome obstacles, and you will be there to provide them with the support and help they need from day one. Helping someone regain mobility and independence is a satisfying feeling, and every day’s hard work becomes fruitful.

The Flexibility of Working-Hours:  Most Physical Therapy Assistants (about 72%) work in private hospitals or personally owned physiotherapy clinics. Others work in family medical institutions, schools, and rehabilitation centers. Approximately 28% of Physical Therapy Assistants work part-time. A therapy assistant has the freedom to fix their own schedule as per the work requirement.

Lucrative Salary: The average salary of a physical therapist varies by years of experience, education level, location, and practice. A professional physical therapy assistant can continue his studies to further his career and get a higher salary. The goal should be to find the best possible institution for your therapy course. Many schools and colleges offer highly sought-after physical therapy assistants programs. The length of a physical therapy program is usually two years consisting of five semesters. People with associate degree levels are eligible for PTA.

Last year, covid made everyone aware of the vulnerability of the healthcare system right here in America. The healthcare system was on the verge of collapse due to the scarcity of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is the right time to strengthen the system and be part of a thriving work environment. If helping others is your passion and you want to experience job satisfaction, consider opting for a physical therapy assistant course and become a certified therapy assistant.


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