When to Get Braces: 5 Important Tips for Great Teeth

When to Get Braces: 5 Important Tips for Great Teeth

Approximately four million people in the US wear braces at any one time. But, how do these people know when to get braces? It varies by person or child depending on their teeth and age.

Once you have decided to get braces for you or your child, follow these 5 important tips for getting great teeth:

  1. Use the Right Tools

When to get braces depends on when a child has lost all of their teeth. The average age for braces for kids is between the ages of 8 and 14. At this young age, kids need to use the right tools to get great teeth.

The right tools include a toothbrush and floss. Plaque can easily get trapped between braces and teeth. Three tools can help kids with their braces, a soft-bristled toothbrush, an inter-ortho brush, and a floss threader.

  1. Use Utensils

This may sound silly, especially during pizza night, but use utensils. If you are wondering when to get braces for your child, consider how well they can eat with utensils because they are going to need them.

Caring for braces and getting amazing teeth can be done easier without biting into food. Cutting up foods that you normally wouldn’t can do wonders for teeth with braces.

Close up of perfect and healthy teeth with electric toothbrush
  1. Be Wary of Sweets

If your child is a sweet lover, you may be wondering when can a child get braces if they enjoy candy? It may be an adjustment for them, but chocolate is still a doable treat with braces.

Be wary of sweets that are hard and sticky. Gum can even damage braces. Chocolate is the best candy to eat with braces, but be sure to break it into small pieces.

  1. Get Rid of Bad Habits

Bad habits like biting fingernails and chewing on pencils can damage braces. The right care for braces includes getting rid of the bad habits to ensure you finish with great teeth.

These habits can loosen or break the brackets on braces. If it is difficult to help your kids with these bad habits, try switching them by using a stress ball or fidget spinner instead.

  1. Listen to the Orthodontist

The only sure way to know what is the best age to get braces is by listening to your orthodontist. Braces aren’t always right for children. Depending on their teeth and age, an orthodontist may suggest alternatives like Invisalign for kids.

The orthodontist will give you a plan that is designed to align kids’ teeth as quickly as possible. Children especially may find it hard to listen to the orthodontist when it comes to wearing rubber bands or even headgear, but remind them that it is the price to pay for great teeth. The discomfort won’t last forever, but once the treatment is done, straight teeth can last.

When to Get Braces Explained

If you are wondering when to get braces, the simple answer is to listen to your orthodontist. Children’s teeth will change and fall out at different rates, so the timing is different per person. Once the time has come to get braces, follow these 5 tips to have great teeth!

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