7 Incredible Benefits Of Doing Planks Everyday

7 Incredible Benefits Of Doing Planks Everyday

At first glance, planks seem like the easiest exercise. What could be so hard about holding your body in a mid-pushup position?

Well, if you are a newbie, you probably know by now that planks could be one of the most challenging positions to hold. However, planks are one of those exercises that will never go out of style, and that’s for a good reason.

No workout beats the planks in terms of efficiency and time when it comes to exercises to relieve joint pain and boost core muscles (not even sit-ups). They challenge your entire body and burn more calories than your traditional crunches, lunges, or sit-ups.

This core-boosting exercise is also easier on your back and can reduce the risk of injuries. Still not convinced? Keep reading to see why doing planks every day can be beneficial for your health.

But first…

Why Should You Exercise Daily?

According to fitness gurus, exercise is any movement that helps your body burn calories and puts your muscles to work. There are varieties of physical activities, including cycling, dancing, jogging, running, and swimming.

So, why should you exercise daily? Here are some reasons:

  • Exercises provide several health benefits both mentally and physically. They might also help you live longer
  • Being active helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • Exercises can be a significant energy booster for most people, including those struggling with several medical conditions
  • Doing back exercisesevery day helps strengthen your core and performance and reduce risks of future injuries
  • Exercising daily helps stimulate blood flow and induce skin cell adaptations that help delay the appearance of skin aging
  • Regular exercises can help enhance your body’s production of antioxidants, which have been shown to safeguard your cells from free radical damage
  • Exercises help boost brain function, improve mental clarity, and enhance learning capacity
  • Regular exercise allows you to relax and sleep more comfortably
  • Exercising every day can strengthen your heart, support blood flow, enhance flexibility, all of which help boost your sex drive

Why You Need To Do Planks Everyday?

Now that you know why exercising daily is vital, here are reasons why you need to do planks every day:

1. Offers Major Core Definition – It is contentious whether a fitness program that consists solely of planks can give you abs or your dream hourglass figure by itself. Those odds are slim to none, and you would have to do over 300 planks a day just to get one ab.

However, planks mixed with cardio, strength training, and back exercises would help you reap immense benefits. They engage your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, glutes and obliques. This is vital since every muscle group serves a different purpose and offers you a different definition.

For instance, the rectus abdominis boosts performance in sports that require jumping and offer you that six-pack figure, while the transverse abdominis enhances abdominal pressure so you can lift more weight. It might also help flatten your belly.

The glutes support your back and offer you a strong, sexy booty. Obliques, on the other hand, help with side bending and waist twisting. Strengthening oblique muscles also offer you that desirable hourglass shape.

2. Reduces Risk of Injury – By stabilizing your core, planks can help lower the risk of injury. According to a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, having a strong core helps transfer force to your limbs during movement.

A weak core cannot handle the load and places too much pressure on your muscles, causing injuries in your hamstrings, hips, and inner thighs.

Planks are also the perfect exercises to relieve joint pain. Therefore, if your knee has been acting up lately and you cannot manage to do some lunges, try doing a plank, and you will be a step closer to going back to your routine.

3. Boosts Flexibility – Even if planks do not feel like your typical stretch, they can significantly boost your flexibility. Since they act as a whole-body exercise, these exercises allow the muscles surrounding your collarbone, hamstrings, shoulder blades, and toes to stretch.

If you are looking to improve mobility in your obliques, the side plank might be right for you.

4. Skyrockets Metabolism – It’s not a secret that age tends to slow down one’s metabolism. To help with this, most fitness coaches recommend doing planks more than crunches and sit-ups.

Planking challenges your body and allows you to burn more calories than your typical crunches and sit-ups. This muscle-boosting exercise helps you get rid of calories even if you are stuck on your sofa or desk the whole day.

Coupled with the best joint health supplements, planks can help enhance your metabolism and strengthen your core.

5. Improves Posture – Are you tired of sitting by your desk all day long? Have you been worried about how being glued to your laptop ruins your posture? If so, it’s time to work on your back and ab strength, and planks are the ideal exercise for this, so you’ll be killing two or at least six birds with one stone.

They help keep your bone and joints aligned and enhance your posture. Good posture allows your back to be in the best position and reduces any chances of back pain. What’s more, good posture offers you an appearance of confidence, meaning this is one plank benefit that everyone could use!

6. Enhances Overall Balance – Stand with one leg. Can you effortlessly balance for more than ten seconds? No? Do not worry. You are not an alcoholic. Your abdominal muscles are just not as strong. And the remedy? Planks.

According to studies, planking forces you to hold all your weight on your arms and toes without falling. This, in turn, helps boost your balance, which is vital for controlling your body’s position.

Having excellent balance also helps reduce risks of injury. It gives an aura of confidence to participate in the most challenging activities like hiking or taking part in gymnastics.

If you are still shabby in this sector, there are ways you can modify your planking. All you have to do is place your knees on the ground for extra support and then place your arms in the basic plank position.

You can also try laying your hands on the bed or a chair to lift your body. This helps bring the floor to you, making planking as easy as ABC. What’s more, the more upright your torso, the more seamless the plank will be.

Combine this with the best joint health supplements, and you will be ready to handle the typical plank in no time!

7. Improves Mood – If you have devoted your time to embracing the Ayurvedic way of life or yoga, you know that while most poses make you question your life decisions, the time spent on a mat is one of the most gratifying experiences.

Doing that 30-second plank has a special effect on your nerves, making them perfect for elevating your mood. It does so by forcing you to focus on breathing and your body as a whole. This, in turn, quietens your worry, boosts mindfulness, and improves your overall mood.

Experts even say planking can help manage issues of anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Workout Anywhere 

If any exercises are convenient to do anywhere, anytime is planks. It does not matter if you are traveling or confined in some space. You can always get down and start practicing it for a quick metabolism boost and belly fat trim.

The Bottom Line

If you are still stuck on sit-ups and crunches, it is time to trade in those outdated workouts for the most effective exercises – planks!

Planks offer many health benefits, and since they target your core muscles, these pros can span your whole body. Your back, muscles, and even orals can be improved by just doing 10 to 20 plank reps daily (alongside a sweat-dripping workout, of course).

If you, however, do not think this exercise alone can help, you can try using some joint health supplements to help you achieve optimal results. Check out the Golden Revive Plus reviews from consumers, for instance, and see whether it can be your solution to back pain and a stronger core.

So, what do you think of these benefits? Are you convinced to become an avid ‘planker’? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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