9 Tips for Playing Fortnite That You Never Knew Before

9 Tips for Playing Fortnite That You Never Knew Before

Nothing can get the heart racing like diving deep into a massive battle royale. The massively multiplayer genre of video games has taken the world by storm and none more so than Fortnite.

Chasing that wonderful victory royale in Fortnite may seem like simple survival, but there is a lot of tactics and details you should keep in mind.

We have all the tips for playing Fortnite right here for you to start out and start winning. With these ideas in mind, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the pros in no time.

Getting Started With Tips for Playing Fortnite

To understand how to win at Fortnite, you need to understand Fortnite. The game revolves around the Battle Royale style of game where many players drop into an ever-shrinking arena to fight to the death.

Fortnite has some unique features, like loot drops, fort construction, and special locations. Knowing how to best use these will be vital.

Fortnite comes on a large number of different platforms, even on Macs! Get started with Fortnite on Mac or whichever system you prefer.

  1. Understand the Control and Elements Before Diving In

With any game, it is good to go over the rules before you do a literal dive in. Make sure your key bindings and settings are where you want them.

It is a good idea to count your first few times playing as pure practice. Scout out areas to see what they contain and get a feel for the controls. Once you have a firm grip on how to play and react, you can get some serious games in.

  1. Control Your Sound

Sound is a vital item for games like Fortnite. You are, in essence, trying to avoid players spotting you before you see them.

You can control this in two ways. One, avoid running unless you know you are safe. It makes a lot of sound. The same goes for switching weapons and scavenging building supplies.

Also, use headphones. This helps you hear your opponents better so you can get the first draw.

  1. Always Be Alert

Fortnite is a battle royale. That means there are dozens of people and most of them are not on your side. At any moment another player can turn around the corner, so you have to be ready.

A few seconds is all it takes to turn you from healthy to down and full of bullets. If you play with caution and alert, you can take those precious moments of surprise in your favor.

  1. Don’t Let the Circle Creep up on You

Remember the ever-shrinking arena? From time to time the arena will shrink with a massive circle closing in. Get on the wrong side of that circle and you take heavy damage.

Be mindful of the circle. Most of the time you will have plenty of time to avoid it, but when you are scavenging or in the middle of a firefight, it can slip your mind.

  1. Engage Only When You Can Win

The goal of Fortnite isn’t to take out as many people as possible. It is to be the last one standing. That means you shouldn’t dive into any firefight you don’t need to.

If you see two players fighting in the distance, let them fight. The best-case scenario is they kill each other and you get all the free loot. Every player you don’t have to deal with yourself is fewer chances of getting taken out.

If you can get the drop on someone and take them out before they realize what is happening, then go for it. Lone players are perfect targets when you have surprise on your side, but you have to make sure they are alone.

  1. Secure an Area Before Looting

Looting guns, ammo, and scavenging building resources are the key ways to defend yourself later on. Without these resources, you are dead meat.

That said, you are a sitting duck when you are looting, so do it with caution. Make sure an area is clear before you dive in and grab all the vital materials. If enemies are still lurking around, deal with them first or move on to another area.

  1. Stockpile and Build with the Final Round in Mind

Because the goal of the game is to be the last person standing, wasting valuable resources early on is bad news for you.

Don’t build defensive forts on far off locations where the closing ring will get you. Don’t waste all your ammo on intense firefights early on.

Wood is a great resource for fast and inexpensive blockades. Save your stone and metal for potent bunkers in the late game.

  1. Breaking Down the Fortnite Locations

There are a massive number of locations in the Fortnite area, each with their own style and setup. We can’t cover them all here, but as you play, make sure to familiarize yourself with every area setup and layout.

When you know the layouts, you can know where to farm the right resources and get the drop on people sneaking around corners.

  1. Understanding the Items and Weapons

There are a number of weapons and items in Fortnite that spell the key to victory.

Potions, like shield potions, are vital to surviving a surprise barrage. Since the shields last an entire match, use them right away to avoid forgetting them or having to fumble for them during a firefight.

Weapons come in various qualities. Grey is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. The higher the quality the more impact the gun will have.

Most weapons come in the more built-up areas of the map, but make sure to look around for any hiding loot.

Make sure to have a variety of equipment. Long-range is great when you have a bunker and a clear shot, but close-range weapons like shotguns are vital for tight corridors. Variety is key here!

Keeping Informed With Powerful Tips

There is a big reason Fortnite has taken the world by storm. With its interesting gameplay, unique visuals, and addictive, fast-paced gameplay, you’ll keep coming back for more and with these tips for playing Fortnite, you’ll be on your way to winning!

Nothing makes success easier than getting some helpful tips and tricks. Check out some of our other articles to see how you can improve yourself for the better!


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