Breaking Down 7 Myths About Heart Disease

Breaking Down 7 Myths About Heart Disease

Heart health has been a burning topic for centuries. You are likely to get a lot of information from various sources about looking after your heart health. We are the best retirement home in India that will debunk common myths causing raising concerns among the elderly and also pose a risk to the overall mental and physical condition of your body.

Why shouldn’t you believe these heart health myths?

Myth 1: Heart diseases are due to genetics

There are other underlying factors like obesity, high blood pressure, and others that can cause heart problems. Even environment and lifestyle are a major part of it. You can also be a smoker who recently quit or someone who doesn’t have a proper diet. Such habits may seem insignificant but can contribute to heart diseases.

Myth 2: Take it easy if you have had a heart attack

After having a heart attack, it’s always recommended to rest for a while, but you don’t need to make it a forever excuse. We are the best retirement home in India with certified cardiac doctors who can help you bounce back to your health and look into your dietary habits to improve your quality of life.

Myth 3: Cholesterol is bad for your health

Research suggests that there are two types of cholesterol. One is high-density lipoprotein termed as bad cholesterol that can actually fight bad cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein. To keep your cholesterol under control, doctors recommend increasing the intake of good cholesterol.

Myth 4: You will suffer from high blood pressure

Blood pressure or hypertension rarely comes with triggering signs while it attacks the body. Make sure you keep an eye on your blood pressure levels by taking frequent appointments with your doctor or testing it with your caregiver at home to prevent heart attacks in life.

Myth 5: You won’t get diabetes if you take medications

Medications taken because of diabetes can lower sugar levels and prevent serious complications in the long run. However, medical experts at the best retirement home in India are against the fact that its medications will prevent diabetes rather they will keep issues like loss of vision, nerve damage, and even sugar levels under control.

Myth 6: Heart concerns are only for the elderly

Remember to take control of preventive factors like checking your blood pressure and staying aware of your heart health. You can also get a consultation from family doctors, who will give helpful advice and tips to prevent any heart issues from occurring in the future.

Myth 7: Heart disease occurs mostly in men

Are you aware that more women have died than men since 1984 due to heart disease? Over the age of 60 and more, heart disease is the leading cause of death in women rather than men. So gender really doesn’t have a play here, it’s the heart that does the trick.

We hope these myths by the best retirement home in India will help you monitor your heart health with a positive outlook and significantly contribute to your concerns regarding heart diseases.


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