CBD Side Effects: What You Need to Know Before You Try It

CBD Side Effects: What You Need to Know Before You Try It

Chances are you’ve probably heard the term CBD quite often lately since it’s been growing in popularity. However, if you’re thinking about incorporating CBD into your regimen, there are a few things you should know first.

Although there are many health benefits to using CBD, it can also cause adverse reactions.

To learn more about CBD side effects and how you can potentially avoid them, keep reading the information below.

What Is CBD? 

CBD is an abbreviation for the name cannabidiol. It’s a chemical compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. However, it’s important to note that although CBD is a relative of the marijuana plant, it does not contain THC.

THC is a cannabinoid that comes from cannabis, and it creates a psychoactive effect. That means you’ll experience at high if you consume it.

But unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. You do not have to worry about getting high from using it.

CBD Side Effects

Now that you know more about CBD, it’s time to learn about the CBD negative side effects. Adverse reactions to cannabidiol include the following:

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the CBD oil side effects that some individuals experience. Many users drop the oil under their tongue as a way to get it into their bloodstream quicker.

Unfortunately, this can cause dry mouth. It happens as a result of the CBDs interaction with the CB receptors within the mouth known, as the submandibular glands. This interaction minimizes saliva production.

Therefore, if you choose to use this method, drink plenty of water after consuming CBD oil to avoid getting dry mouth.


Diarrhea is another potential side effect of using CBD. However, this reaction is most likely caused by other ingredients within CBD products.

For instance, carrier oils that are used in some products are coconut oil and MCT oil. Both substances can cause diarrhea or loose stool.

Also, this side effect could be triggered by the wrong dosage. If you are taking too much, it could result in unstable bowels.

If you experience diarrhea after taking CBD, refrain from using it for at least 24 hours. That way, you can figure out if it was the CBD that actually caused the diarrhea. If you discover that it is the cannabidiol, reduce the dosage and that should help.


Better sleep and the feeling of relaxation is one of the many advantages of CBD and why lots of people choose to take it. Read more now to learn more about the benefits of cannabidiol.

Although induced sleep is a plus for many, but some individuals experience drowsiness hours after the effects should have worn off.

If you have this issue, refrain from taking CBD while driving or working.

Allergic Reaction

Another one of the CBD hemp oil side effects is an allergic reaction. Most people use CBD oil as a topical method that’s applied to the skin.

But sometimes it creates a negative side effect. A person may experience tingling, itching, bumps, or a rash.

Low Blood Pressure

A lower blood pressure is a good thing for those who suffer from high blood pressure. On the other hand, it can present a problem for individuals who don’t.

These effects from CBD usually happen within a few minutes of entering the body. It can also cause a person to feel light-headed headed if they stand too quickly.

How to Avoid Negative Side Effects

The potential for having CBD negative side effects is low, and it’s relatively safe to use. Here’s what you can do to try and avoid adverse reactions:

Be Careful When Combining It With Other Substances

Cannabidiol is a natural substance, so you don’t have to worry about getting any man-made chemicals in your body. But with that in mind, it’s important to be careful when mixing CBD with prescription medication or even OTC meds.

The ingredients in either substance can negatively interact with one other. The same can also happen when taking CBD with other natural supplements.

The best thing to do before starting CBD is to speak with your doctor. If you choose to take cannabidiol without a professional opinion, refrain from using it if you experience a side effect or don’t consume too often.

Take the Right Dosage

If you’re consuming too much CBD, that could be a problem. Again, if you notice that you’re having negative CBD side effects, lower your dosage.

In addition to that, you could also try to cut back by not taking it every day. If you’re consuming CBD daily, your system could be on overload and you may only need it every other day or two to three times a week.

Use Quality Products

As with anything, you have the “good stuff” and the “not so good” stuff. The same goes for CBD. Therefore, purchase organic CBD with no other elements in it. Cannabidiol products that are broad-spectrum or full-spectrum are made of CBD only.

If you choose to get a product that’s not full-spectrum, make sure the label lists how much CBD is included.

When shopping for CBD, also make sure the product has less than 0.3% THC. That way, you can ensure that it doesn’t contain too many compounds that’ll give you psychoactive side effects.

Lastly, try to find out where the hemp was grown. Most CBD products that are manufactured with hemp that’s shipped from overseas tends to contain harmful elements.

Do You Think CBD Is Right for You?

After learning more about CBD side effects, do you think it’s right for you? It’s important to remember that all supplements and medications could create a negative reaction. The only way to truly know if you should proceed with using CBD is to consult your physician.

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