Do Physical Therapists Really Help? (The Answer Is Yes!)

Do Physical Therapists Really Help? (The Answer Is Yes!)

You may have just heard from a doctor that they are suggesting you visit a physical therapist. If you are suffering from an injury or recovering from surgery, the idea of movement might sound slightly overwhelming.

While the goal is to be back to normal in theory, sometimes thinking about the pain associated with movement sounds bad.

Are you wondering if physical therapy can actually help you feel better? What will the physical therapist do with you? Will it be painful?

Read on to learn about the role physical therapists play in your health and they, yes, can help you.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

A physical therapist, sometimes called a physiotherapist, is a licensed health professional. The physical therapists at Advanced Physicians, for example, work with patients who need help recovering from an illness, injury, or chronic health condition.

When you meet with a physical therapist the first time, they will do an evaluation of your needs. They will get your medical background and consider the factors that have led you to physical therapy.

It’s their job to develop a measurable (more on this later) treatment plan to address your physical needs.

Why Would You See a Physical Therapist?

There are a variety of reasons a doctor might decide you should seek treatment from a physical therapist.

If you have had surgery, like on an ankle, knee, or back. The physical therapist can help with the pain management and recovery process from the surgery.

Perhaps you have experienced an injury from work or a car accident, for example. A physical therapist can treat the side effects  of your injury.

If you have a sports-related injury, the PT will work to get you healthy so you can go back to it.

If you suffer from any chronic illness that is debilitating. the therapist can treat you to improve your quality of life and maintain your physical strength and mobility.

What Treatments Does a Physical Therapist Use?

A physical therapist has a whole host of treatment options to help you. They will use their treatment options to help with:

  • Swelling
  • Pain management
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Building Strength
  • Building muscle

Because a physical therapist’s role is to know all the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments in your body. They can work on those parts to develop strength and aid the healing process.

A physical therapy session should not cause the patient pain. In fact, your therapy session should work to alleviate pain. The therapist should not cause pain. Pain is a sign that there is something not right happening and the PT wants to work to avoid this.

Getting the Help You Need From Physical Therapists

Going to a physical therapist is smart for many reasons and can help to aid your recovery. The physical therapists work with the limitations of your body to help it heal and gain strength, mobility, and balance.

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