Safety at work for all types of employees is mandatory. People during ancient days have created revolutionary moments asking for their rights. People are engaged in different fields of work, where some jobs are challenging and dangerous. Not everyone in the world gets to work in air-conditioned rooms and get paid for it.


It is the responsibility of the organization to regulate and maintain safety measures in their company for the employees. There are many safety essentials available in the market, like work gloves, eyeglasses, earmuffs, face shields, goggles, earplugs, etc. To sustain safety arrangements for the employees, April 28 is celebrated as a world day for safety and health. There are many hard-core and unsafe work environments where the employees are working. So it is the prime duty of the organization to equip their employees with required safety precautions. If a person is working in mines, they have to be equipped with earplugs and goggles accordingly as it will be very noisy down there.







The eyes are one of the sensitive and vital organs of our body. People working in any work environment should be provided with eye protection glasses. As eyes are sensitive, any tiny objects like wood, fibre, plastic, or anything can injure human eyes. This category is further classified into photochromic, Anti Fog, polarised, indoor, outdoor, tinted glasses, fire goggles, and many others. According to the work environment, employers should give suitable safety glasses to the employees for their safety at work.




Face shields are being used by many with the onsight of corona spreading around the world. Before the pandemic, these plastic shields have been used in medicinal and research fields to avoid direct interaction or contact with harmful viruses. Likewise, there are hard metal shields available for workers working with fire and fast-moving objects. As the pandemic is still going on and to stop the spread of this dangerous virus, the workspace should be sanitized regularly, and workers all should be provided with work gloves, masks, face shields to avoid contamination.




Earmuffs can be used in work environments where noises are loud. The average hearing range of human ears is about 20 – 70 dB. If the sound is more than 80 dB, it starts harming the ears and results in hearing loss over time. The maximum sound an ear can take is 120 dB, which will be painful and unbearable. There are many workspaces like construction sites, mining, drilling, etc. Where the noises will be louder, constantly working in such an environment may damage workers’ audibility. These earmuffs can cancel such noises and sounds and protect our ears from any damages. There are different types of it, like passive earmuffs, electronic earmuffs, and noise cancelling. These are highly reliable and comfortable to use.




These gloves are available in different types aiding to varied work natures. Some of them are rigger, mechanic, cut resistant, chemical resistant, leather, anti-vibration, heat resistant, hard metal, and coated work gloves. Each type serves different purposes and offers protection to hands. Every year cases are being registered for hand injuries that happen in the work environment. These gloves are designed for protection against fire, chemicals, and cut resistance. These gloves can safeguard your hands, are light in weight, flexible, give precision to work and provide natural movement like our own hands.


However the work environment and ambience may be, the organization should administer safety measures for their workers’ welfare.

Ali Zaidi

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