Health benefits of standing desk

Health benefits of standing desk

If you want to learn about the positive effects of having a standing desk in your life, then this article will give you some very good ideas. Doesn’t matter what you do –  regular office job, doing homework for money, drawing, modeling. Maybe you’re a driver? Anyway,  it can be bad for your health to sit all day. It’s the moment when you can think about another type of workplace – standing desk.

Having a desk of this type is comfortable and stylish. Also, it will help you in getting the most out of your workplace and can help prevent some diseases. A standing desk is a great alternative to regular tables and desks. They can be installed under your computer and work area and be regulated to the normal desk. The main disadvantage with this is that it takes up room and if you do not have enough desk space then it makes no sense to buy one. Sorry, balcony workers.

There are many different types of good desks available to choose from. You can even order a custom-built standing desk. They are quite easy to build and require very little in the way of materials. 

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So, how standing desks can help you with your health?

  1. Lower risk of heart diseases

Bus drivers have a half higher risk of heart-related diseases than bus conductors. They work in the same work conditions, but drivers sit all day when conductors walk more

  1. Higher calorie burning

Standing takes 88 calories per hour. At the same time, sitting takes 80. With 10 percent higher calorie burning can allow yourself one more cookie. But tshh, we said nothing about it.

  1. Reduces lower back pain

Is it familiar for you to feel pain in your lower back after standing up after a long working day? This is because sitting position tightens your muscles in this part of the body. With longer tension comes stronger pain. Standing can help with it. But also you should be aware of the shortcoming of a long standing – vein diseases. So be careful and keep a balance between standing and sitting.

  1. You can be more productive

The study carried in the call centre showed that employees were 45% more productive while working standing than sitting. 

  1. Reducing blood sugar levels

Well, we know that it’s the factor that increases after eating. Some studies were conducted in the office with ten office workers. They were divided into even groups, both were equally active during the day. but after lunch one group was sitting for three hours and the second one was standing. The result was impressive enough – the sugar blood spike of the standing group was 43% lower.

Another study proves that combining of sitting and standing can reduce those spikes for 11%.

  1. It boosts your energy level

People who changed their usual sitting places to standing ones were asked about their feelings. A lot of people (talking numbers – 87%) reported higher levels of energy and a better mood. When they returned to their regular workplaces, their mood returned to the regular level.


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