Hoverboards and health: how beneficial for you is this year’s closest trend?

Hoverboards and health: how beneficial for you is this year’s closest trend?

Walking across campus to Collage each morning this semester, I’ve found it hard to ignore the growing quantity of students using hoverboards. These two-wheel self-balancing metallic hoverboard (they don’t hover, Back-to-the-Future-style) are among the hottest gadgets this holiday period.

I’m probably just being a curmudgeon, but my first response as I saw students hoverboarding within classes was, “Why?!”

Hoverboards and health
Hoverboards and health

As sedentary life-styles continue to be an essential underlying factor in chronic conditions type 2 diabetes and heart disease, I wondered whether these two-wheelers are simply another way to evade the exercise we all need to stay healthy. After the novelty wears off, will hoverboards suit just one more device we use to cut liveliness out of our daily lives?


Perhaps not surprisingly, there’s much nothing acknowledged about the relative merits of hover-boarding connected to walking between locations (or in the case of many students, skateboarding). The technology’s cool-appeal is still way before of questions like “Is it healthy?”

And as it turns out, chronic disease is currently the least of the growing hoverboarder’s worries. Over the past few months, videos of hoverboard falls and spills have become rife. These are amusing enough if you’re into viewing other people’s pratfalls. But they also illuminate a problem of serious damage from inexpert board use.


It may turn out that hoverboards require better Li-ion battery design and use standards for them to remain secure, and that what we’re now seeing are the first warnings of not-quite-there technology. Or it may only be that some unscrupulous companies are cutting branches to cash in on consumer demand.
Either way, it’s likely that recalibration of regulations and guidelines around hoverboard use will ultimately lead to increased safety over time – hopefully without too many people being injured.

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Whether the workout you get while hoverboarding from A to B is comparable to a brisk walk remains obvious. I still wonder whether the attraction to get around faster and less effort doesn’t take just a little away from the pure pleasure of taking a few minutes to stretch your legs.


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