How Does Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss Work?

How Does Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss Work?

The human body secretes many different hormones. Basically, they’re chemical messengers that are secreted into the blood.

What do they do? They control and coordinate activities throughout the body. Take adrenaline, for example, it helps to regulate your immune system and metabolism.

Certain things, however, can cause hormone levels to drop. When this happens, it can lead to various symptoms such as weight gain.

Fortunately, it is treatable. For instance, some people may opt for hormone therapy for weight loss. What is it? How does it work?

Find out by reading this post!

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a type of treatment that’s used to relieve menopause symptoms; it does this by balancing progesterone and estrogen levels.

Generally speaking, there are two types of HRT—systemic hormone therapy (e.g. pill, gel, cream, or patch) and low-dose vaginal products.


How Hormones Affect Your Weight

Our hormone levels change as we age. For example, it’s not uncommon for endocrine tissue to produce less hormone than it did previously.

Without the right balance, the body can easily lose its ability to regulate metabolism. In other words, it can lead to weight gain. In some cases, it can also drain you of your energy, which can make you less likely to exercise.

Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss 

Fortunately, it’s possible to reverse hormonal imbalances with HRT. Put it simply, it’ll allow you to restore the hormones that you’ve lost.

Over time, this will increase your energy and metabolism, which will promote weight loss.

More specifically, estrogen will help individuals control their sugar cravings and appetite. As for progesterone, it’ll facilitate the conversion of body fat to energy. Basically, you’ll be able to burn more fat!

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Other Effects Of Hormone Replacement Treatment 

Hormone therapy won’t just help with weight loss, it’ll benefit you in other ways as well. For one thing, it can prevent hot flashes, a symptom that’s often associated with menopause.

On top of that, it can help with vaginal symptoms such as dryness and itchiness and prevent bone loss or fractures.

Potential Side Effects 

Hormone therapy is generally well tolerated. Some people, however, may experience side effects such as stomach cramps, headache, diarrhea, or bloating.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that HRT is associated with an increased risk of blood clots. With that said, the risk is still relatively low.

Understanding Hormone Therapy 

Hopefully, that gives you a better idea as to how hormone therapy for weight loss works. As you can see, it can help in more than one way. With that said, you still want to weigh the pros and cons. When in doubt, consult with your doctor!

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