How Frequently You Should Change Sanitary Pads?

How Frequently You Should Change Sanitary Pads?

Cleanliness and hygiene are something that should be maintained during periods. If proper hygiene and cleanliness are not maintained, it will affect your health, and also you can get certain diseases like yeast infections or UTIs.

Thus, it has become the most essential and primary requirement to change sanitary pads more frequently during your menstrual cycle. Choosing the right sanitary pads is also necessary based on your menstrual flow and age. You can get the best sanitary pads from Rio sanitary pads and stay refreshed during your menstrual cycle.

How do you know when it’s time for a fresh one?

It would be best to change your sanitary pad much before it gets full. You must keep a check by going to the toilet or feeling it almost complete. If you feel uncomfortable or wet, then it’s time for you to change your pad.

It is essential to change the pad often to avoid discomfort and leaks or start smelling bad. Though in most cases, the odor and the bacteria are common factors, sometimes when the bacteria come in contact with the sweat can lead to infections.

So it would be best if you stayed clean and dry as much as possible. Above all, the essential factor in choosing the best sanitary pads for yourself.

How Frequently Should You Change Sanitary Pads?

Though this is an essential question, one answer will not be sufficient for different situations. But on average, it is prescribed to change the pads four to five times a day. Also, you might need to change the pads more frequently for the given below factors. Keep in account the following elements:

Hot weather: If the weather is too hot, you will sweat more, and sweat tends to increase around the genital area. Getting too damp is not a good thing. So if the weather is hot and humid, keep changing your pad if you feel damp and uncomfortable.

Physical Movement: Excessive sweat makes things smellier and messy down there. Also, your pads keep squishing and shifting with too much physical activity. All this together will make you feel uncomfortable. So if there is too much physical activity, keep changing your pad often.

Heavy flow days: The first day or the next two days of your menstrual cycle goes through the most severe flow. In some cases, few of you might face the heavy flow in the last two days. So, according to your heavy cycle, it is suggested that you change your pad often.

The heavy flow days are the most freaking, so keep changing your pad when required to stay calm and comfortable. Rio sanitary pads offer you with best sanitary pads during your heavy flow days and make those days less freaking for you.

Your plans: As per your daily schedule, carry extra pads with you. Carrying an extra set of pads will make your outing comfortable by letting you stay dry. Like you might be engaged for a long meeting or boarding a long flight, a change before such activities will make things much better for you.

To Conclude

Now that you know how frequently you should change your sanitary pads, you will be able to keep yourself healthier. In addition, your period days will not be troubling days for you if you choose the best sanitary pads for yourself.

Choose your sanitary pads that have the best absorbent power, which is effective for 4-5 hours at least. Rio sanitary pads offer you the best feminine hygiene product you require most during your days.


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