How Much Does Invisalign Cost in San Francisco and What Factors Affect It?

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in San Francisco and What Factors Affect It?

Stats show that over 13% of San Francisco’s population comprises children and teenagers. Invisalign is a leading treatment for adults and teens to straighten their teeth without wearing traditional metal braces. It offers a set of removable, comfortable aligners that are virtually invisible.

The dentist has to thoroughly examine your teeth and advise how many aligners you need to wear at a time and for how long. Ensure that the doctor takes X-rays of your mouth and compares them with the previous set before prescribing new aligners.

Invisalign treatment has a specific pricing plan that varies from one dentist to another. Generally, you could expect to pay from $1,500 for the entire Invisalign course up to $5,000 in San Francisco. You can check whether you qualify for special rates or discounts with your dentist.

Here are the factors affecting that determine how much Invisalign cost San Francisco:

  1. The Number of Aligners Used To Complete Treatment

The number of aligners used will affect the total cost. This is because you need to wear about two sets of aligners every month, and it may take 12 to 18 months for treatment completion. So, expect higher costs if your dentist prescribes more aligners.

  1. Where You Live

Everyone knows that living in big cities is more expensive than residing in small towns. The same affects how much Invisalign cost in San Francisco too.

If you live in busy areas of San Francisco, expect to pay higher fees than the customers living in the suburbs like Berkely, Oakland, or Walnut Creek. This is because dentists in major cities have higher overhead costs because of expensive rent rates.

  1. Invisalign Provider’s Experience

Invisalign providers have seen a lot since the inception of this treatment in 1998, so they know precisely how to reduce discomfort from orthodontic treatment and offer several other benefits. The more experienced your dentist is with Invisalign, the better your chances of having the best experience with the treatment.

  1. Additional Treatments Needed During Treatment

Additional dental treatments, such as teeth whitening or a porcelain veneer, will add to Invisalign costs. In other words, you’ll have to shell out more if you require any cosmetic procedures while going through Invisalign.

  1. Your Treatment Plan’s Complexity

The extent of your dental needs will also affect the treatment cost. Suppose you require additional procedures, such as jaw realignment surgery. In that case, the total Invisalign fees will be higher than usual because it is a complex procedure that calls for special equipment and techniques.

  1. The Type of Aligners Used

Does your dentist use metal or transparent aligners? Expect to pay higher costs if the doctor uses metal ones because it is more expensive than the plastic variety. The material for aligners affects pricing significantly. However, you should not worry about the materials used because both kinds are safe and effective in providing results.

Wrapping Up

An Invisalign provider who provides excellent support to patients can take care of any concerns you have about your treatment plan. Therefore, if you are looking to get Invisalign treatment done, make sure you choose an orthodontist by keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind.


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