The Easiest Way to Grow Cannabis Indoors

The Easiest Way to Grow Cannabis Indoors

As the push for cannabis legalization continues across America, many weed enthusiasts now wonder if they should attempt to grow cannabis indoors. What could be better than your own crop?

Why, though, would smokers be interested in growing their own when in many places they can stop into their local dispensary for primo weed? Because dispensaries are expensive.

Are you ready to enter the world of homegrown, but can’t keep a houseplant alive? No worries. Read on for the easiest way to grow indoor marijuana.


Indoor growing systems are an investment like anything else. You’ll need to sink some money into your marijuana crop to save money down the road. What will you need?

You’ll need to start with an adequate lighting system. Good, bright light is the most important part of the marijuana growing process. Cannabis plants take in more nutrients and water with bright lights.

These days, LED grow lights are inexpensive and easy to find. You need to have at least one depending on how large

The Right Space

Marijuana plants need bright light. They also need complete darkness. When the plants are in the seedling to vegetative state, they require 18 hours of light and six hours of complete darkness. The flowering state requires 12 light, 12 dark.

You need to find a space in your house that is lightproof. The key to indoor growth success is to mimic outdoor lighting conditions. If you grow in a place where natural light gets in during the plant’s dark period, your plant will yield fewer buds.

Your basement is a good place to grow. Make sure you’ve sealed the windows. If a basement is not an option, it’s easy to lightproof a closet to get the right balance between darkness and light you’ll need.

Good Soil

You think that bag of soil from your local gardening shop is good enough to grow cannabis, right? Wrong. Most bagged soil doesn’t have the proper nutrient mix to sustain marijuana growth.

Robert Bergman, curator of ilovegrowingmarijuana says that many marijuana growing issues come from a Boron deficiency found in some western soils. If you notice curled, slow-growing leaves, your soil is Boron-deficient.

A simple fix is to add 1/2 tsp of Boric Acid to a gallon of water to spray the plant and soil in your cannabis grow box. Be careful, though. Too much Boron is toxic.

Hydroponic Growing System

It takes four months for marijuana to go from seed to harvest. Are you worried that will take too long? You have these recipes for different marijuana strains you want to try, and don’t have the patience.

Don’t sweat it. There are many great hydroponic growing systems out there that grow marijuana faster. While hydroponic growing is more involved, a few hundred dollars can get you started and smoking in no time.

Grow Cannabis Indoors

When you grow cannabis indoors, you’re making a long-term investment. With a little bit of seed money (pun intended), you will be on your way to flowering buds at a fraction of the dispensary cost.

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