What Are the Most Popular Diets in 2021?

What Are the Most Popular Diets in 2021?

In 2020, 60% of Americans started cooking more at home than they had before. With restaurants closed and grocery store goods limited, people got creative in making their own meals.

But, not all new pandemic habits were good ones. People also found themselves snacking more, eating more pre-made meals, and eating more in general.

That’s left many people wanting to eat healthier in 2021 and perhaps lose a little weight. Read on to learn about the most popular diets in 2021 so you can improve your health and lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is inspired by the foods and lifestyle of those in the Mediterranean, namely Greece. This diet centers around whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, olive oil, and lean proteins.

While weight loss isn’t the main goal of this diet, it’s best known for lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Plus, the plant-based diet can lead to weight loss thanks to its emphasis on fiber and fresh produce.

The DASH Diet

Similar to the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet also centers on plant-based foods and whole grains. But, unlike the Mediterranean diet, it offers specific diet guidelines rather than a general food style.

It’s meant to reduce blood pressure, encourage weight loss, and improve heart health. Plus, it offers clear suggestions to adjust portion sizes and ingredients depending on your goal.

If you’re interested in a plant-based diet but you want more structure than the Mediterranean diet, this is a great option.

The WW Diet

Another diet that also focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables is the WW diet, which used to be Weight Watchers. This diet is well-researched and known for delivering results. But, it’s flexible enough that you won’t feel deprived.

This diet does come with a monthly membership fee, but you’ll get support and community from others following the plan. Plus, you don’t have to buy any special foods.

The WW diet allows you to build healthy habits without depriving yourself of dessert or restaurant meals with friends. It teaches balance and helps you learn how to eat healthier.

The hCG Diet

While largely controversial, the hCG diet has been around since the 1950s. It pairs a diet with low-calorie foods with regular doses of the hCG hormone.

This diet begins with an hCG injection and foods high in fat and calories for a few days. After that, the plan switches to low-calorie meals while continuing with the hCG hormone for a few weeks. Then, the goal is to stop taking hCG but continue eating low-calorie foods.

Keep in mind that this is an extreme diet that isn’t recommended by the FDA. In many cases, it’s just as effective to focus on a low-calorie diet alone.

Which of These Popular Diets Is Right for You?

While there’s always new popular diets to choose from, some are more effective than others. Whether your goal is weight loss or improved health, there’s a diet plan for you.

To find more tips on starting healthier habits and improving your life, keep scrolling our blog.


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