Xanax – Highly effective and Addictive

Xanax – Highly effective and Addictive

It is said to be a “cure for all evil” because it lets you chill out, forget about problems, and ease everyday stress. The popularity of Xanax (alprazolam) made many people reach for it, treating it as an antidote to everything.

Meanwhile, it is a drug used in anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and depression. Xanax is extremely effective, but it is also highly addictive. Therefore, treatment with it should be carried out briefly and strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Unfortunately, patients do not always stick to it like this.

Characterization of the active substance of Xanax

The active substance of Xanax UK, or alprazolam, is a derivative of benzo-1,4-diazepine. It is mainly anxiolytic, and to a lesser extent, myorelaxant, hypnotic and anticonvulsant. It is recommended to use drugs with this active substance in people suffering from panic attacks. It is considered to be the strongest and fastest-acting chemical compound. For depressed patients who have thoughts of suicide, it may increase the risk of self-control.

Alprazolam can also be used as an adjunct in treating catatonia, acute mania, psychosis, premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel, and insomnia.

Xanax pharmacological profile

The active substance is metabolized by an enzyme called cytochrome P450 (CYP450) to compounds with greater and lesser psychotropic activity. Clinical studies have shown that alprazolam is synthesized much better by the brain than other organs, such as the liver. Therefore, the half-life of the drug Xanax is longer in the central nervous system than in its periphery.

After taking the drug orally, its effect usually takes about 30 minutes. However, this is a typical individual issue, and it may depend on the number and availability of GABAergic receptors.

In addition, the metabolism of the compound also depends on other factors, e.g., tobacco addiction. In heavy smokers, the effect of alprazolam may be faster. It is because nicotine passes through the same metabolic pathway.

Safe dosage

The Xanax treatment plan – the number, amount, and frequency of doses – should always be determined by a doctor. It is a drug taken orally, and one tablet can contain from 0.2 mg to 2 mg of the active substance. Treatment should be as short as possible, and the total period of use should not exceed 8-12 weeks.

A doctor prescribes this psychotropic drug, and buying it from dubious sources, including the Internet, is a high risk. You must not reduce or increase the recommended daily dose of Xanax on your own.

As standard, it is recommended to take:

  • 25-0.5 mg three times a day in people with generalized Anxiety Disorder or anxiety associated with depression,
  • In people with panic disorder or agoraphobia, 0.5-1 mg daily just before going to bed. One must not exceed the maximum daily dose of 10 mg.

How should one take it?

Xanax tablets should be swallowed whole, with water if necessary. It is not recommended to dissolve, suck or chew them and may affect the drug’s effectiveness. Its discontinuation should be consulted with a doctor, as it may lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Side effects

The most common side effects after using Xanax

The active substance in Xanax, like other benzodiazepines, can cause several short-term and long-term side effects. Among them are:

  • fatigue and irritability,
  • problems with concentration and memory,
  • going through paradoxical states, including aggressive behavior, nervousness, and increased excitability,
  • hallucinations, confusion, disorientation, derealisation,
  • manie – compulsion to constantly talk, racing thoughts,
  • blurred vision
  • decreased appetite and digestive problems,
  • loss of body weight,
  • dry mouth or excessive salivation.
  • Any change in the patient’s behavior, noticed by himself or a close person, should be immediately reported to the attending physician.

Interactions with other drugs

It is not recommended to ingest alprazolam together with other agents for the symptoms of depression and barbiturates. As well as grapefruit juice, protease inhibitors, azoles, and macrolides can increase the levels of Xanax in the blood. In turn, carbamazepine increases the clearance of alprazolam, thus reducing its effect.

Xanax Addiction

Taking Xanax too often causes it to act like a  drug.  The patient becomes mentally and physically addicted to it. When he tries to limit or discontinue the drug, he develops the so-called withdrawal syndrome, felt, inter alia, through muscle aches, headaches, anxiety, restlessness, or even seizures or hallucinations. In people who abuse alcohol and drugs, the risk of addiction is higher.

Alprazolam in the drug has a relatively short half-life, making it a compound with a high potential for addiction. Taking it by mouth for many months may develop tolerance mechanisms, leading to physical and psychological dependence.

This is especially dangerous when the patient has been using it for more than 12 weeks and has had problems with substance abuse in the past. Therefore, in therapeutic management, it is recommended to gradually reduce the drug doses or change to a pharmaceutical that has a longer duration of action.

Overdose of Xanax

Alprazolam overdose can be very dangerous to health and life. Studies demonstrated a lethal dose of 1020 mg per kilogram of body weight. Of all acute benzodiazepine poisonings, alprazolam is the cause of over 30% of them. Symptoms include disturbances in balance, speech, vision, respiratory depression, and even coma. To detoxify the body, compounds that are antagonists of the benzodiazepine receptor are administered.


Occasional use of Xanax UK does not pose a threat of addiction.  Its effectiveness is best for short-term treatment. However, increasing its daily dose may cause side effects and cause the development of addiction. The first of them usually appear at the beginning of the treatment and are, for example, dizziness and headache, drowsiness, decreased concentration, memory, and libido disorders.


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