8 ways to remain active all-day

8 ways to remain active all-day

Due to our hectic routine, most people spend time watching t.v, working on the computer, or the couch. Research has shown that sitting too much puts you at higher risk of breast, or colon cancer. And the people who remain fit, reduce their risk of breast cancer by 25 percent and colon cancer by 35 percent. If you are interested in improving your lifestyle, want to shred a few kilos too, and want to reduce your waistline, here are few tips which I will share in my blog which will help you to stay active all day. But before that let me tell you that if you want to purchase stylish and comfortable gym clothes, and other accessories, I would suggest you shop them from born tough.

Take stairs, not the elevator.

If you want to burn more calories my advice will be to use stairs instead of elevators. This is the advice from professionals but believe me, if you want to live longer and want to improve the quality of your life, must use the stairs from today and say goodbye to the elevator.

Most people use stairs as an active workout because stair climbing is the vertical exercise where you lift yourself down. Also, this exercise increases the strength of your legs, hip, and thigh muscles. Climbing also tones up your body and increases your muscle mass as well. So it’s one of the good ways to remain active throughout the day.

Walk more.

When it comes to workout without the gym, or you can say if you want to stay active without a gym, then I would say walking would be the easiest and convenient exercise which you can do. Walking is also important for controlling weight because it’s a great workout that will help you to burn calories. Remember, that if you are brisk walking for like 30 minutes on daily basis then it will help you to burn around 150 more calories in a day.

If you are not able to walk outside where you live, there is no need to get worried. You can also walk indoors at your nearby mall or block.

So yes! It’s true, the more you will be indulging yourself in walking the more calories you will be burning each day. Other than that, if you are an athlete searching for workout clothes that are sweat-wicking and durable must check them from born tough. I am pretty much sure that you will love their quality and style, so what you are waiting for? just go and check them out on their website.

Stand up instead of sitting at a desk.

“ standing puts more stress on your body than sitting, thus it will burn more calories,” says rich Gaspari. Standing burns around 0.15 calories per minute as compared to sitting. If a person ( weighing 143 pounds) keeps standing for like 6 hours a day rather than sitting, he can burn around extra 54 calories in a day. Also, research says that muscle activity which is linked withstanding lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes in a remarkable way.

Cleaning your house.

Cleaning your house is an excellent approach to stay fit and active throughout your day. It’s the type of exercise when you are not there in the gym, running on treadmills, or lifting heavyweights. When you are moping, dusting, or vacuuming your house it involves contracting your internal abdominal muscles, mainly the transverse abdominal muscles. So one of the best ways to stay active throughout your entire day is to clean your house when you are not able to go to the gym.

Yoga and meditation.

Yoga is an ancient exercise that boosts up your physical and mental health by focusing on strength, breathing, and your body’s flexibility too. The poses in yoga stretch your muscles and help you to increase the range of motions. If you regularly practice it, you will feel increased flexibility in your body. Some people start their day with meditation and yoga, to stay active throughout their entire day. It also carries the potential to increase fat loss, develop the tone of your muscles which may lead to the development of a more lean physique. Also, slow movements and deep breathing increases the blood flow and warm up your muscles as well.

Take your pet out for a walk.

You can go out for a walk or jogging with your pet that includes a cat, dog, or rabbit, etc. Going out for a walk with your pet is good for your health and your pet’s health as well. Because pets also need some activity and they are your accountable partners/friends who need a short walk on daily basis. You can also add fun to this activity by putting an earplug in your ear and listen to your favorite music. So, if you go out for a walk with your pet it will keep you fit and active throughout your day.


Running is a great way that helps you to improve cardiovascular health. It also burns calories and also built strength in your muscles. It is the easily approached way to get the important benefits of exercise. Along with that, it improves your cardiovascular health as well. There are remarkable benefits of running on your physical and mental health too. If you are feeling depressed or low esteem, running is a great exercise which can surely boost up your mood. So one of the best ways to remain active all day is running. I prefer to run in the morning because the weather is cooler in the morning and it also feels safer to run in the daylight. The other reason is that a morning workout provides an energy boost that helps you to kickstart your day. So yes! Personally, after my bed tea, running in the morning is my first thing to do to stay active throughout my day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, and it has helped you in understanding that how you can remain fit and active throughout your entire day.


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