How do strength training exercises help in BJJ?

How do strength training exercises help in BJJ?

If you want to give your best in Jiu-Jitsu you need to go beyond drills and rolls. Strength training is an excellent way through which you can definitely improve your jiu-jitsu skills and it also gives several benefits over your opponent. Your chances of injury will also be reduced and also you tend to train up yourself so perfectly that you have control over your opponent easily. So in short strength training offers you an extra advantage, improves BJJ longevity, makes your body more durable, and also improves the strength to weight ratio. So in today’s blog, I will describe several strength training exercises which will make your body stronger. But before that let me tell you if you are an athlete searching for the appropriate gym attire or other gym accessories which are durable and available at an economical price, you must shop for them from elite sports.

So, let’s get back to the topic when you start improving your upper body strength you are also improving your movements like an escape from side control. If you have ever grappled with a powerful opponent you may have noticed how much importance strength and explosive power IS have in jiu-jitsu. The most important factor of being a strong grappler is that you tend to have lesser joint injuries which I think is the most important factor to be considered. The most common lie in jiu-jitsu is that strength doesn’t matter, but it’s not the truth.

Bjj is the sport that offers you a complete workout. You will work on your muscles in fact on all of your muscles, your heart, and your lungs as well. After consistent training, you will notice that your skin starts getting tighter, muscle aching, and fingers getting stronger.

Besides that, I must also say not to ignore your lower body strength because it’s beneficial for guards, sweeps, and takedowns.

Strength training exercises.

1.Bench press

A bench press workout works on the muscles of your chest, back, and arms muscles as well. It’s also an amazing exercise that will help in developing an explosive push from the ground which will ultimately help in serving any BJJ player well whenever they will need it. Bench press also helps you to build strong tricep muscles. This kind of strength training can help you in framing against your opponent in the mount or side control.

How to do it?

  1. With your shoulders wider apart, lie on the bench and hold the bar with your hands slightly.
  2. Breath in, while you are getting the bar towards you.
  3. Similarly, breath out, when you push the bar away from your chest
  4. Make several repetitions.

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2. Gaining stretch by deadlifts

Deadlifts target the muscle of your legs, hips, glutes, abs, arms muscles which are required for bridging, hip escape, takedown, and also guard retention. Deadlifts provide functional strength and cover all of the muscles that are required to get worked on in jiu-jitsu.

How to perform deadlifts?

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart from each other.
  2. Now grip the bar tightly, and start lifting it.
  3. Keep your back straight, push with the help of your hips and start lifting the rod.
  4. Make sure to raise the bar in a straight position to avoid any type of injury.

3. Pull-ups.

Pull up helps you to develop powerful forearms and grip that will help you to improve your overall performance in BJJ. Your grip is improved by pull up, and they also work on your upper entire upper body as well. Do most people ask questions about whether pull-ups are good for BJJ or not? So, my answer is yes absolutely! They are an outstanding exercise for the practitioners of jiu-jitsu. Strength and resistance training exercises also help the BJJ trainers to improve their overall health too. Pull up with the BJJ Gi is also a great way to build up grip strength.

How to perform pull-ups?

  1. Grab the bar, with the shoulders, widened apart.
  2. Hang on the rod, raise your feet off the floor by bending your knees.
  3. Pull up yourself by pulling your elbows down towards the floor.
  4. Pass the bar and repeat this exercise.

4. Squats.

Squats work on your legs, glutes, and your back muscles, and they also engage almost your entire body. They also strengthen your lower body muscles for taking down, sweep, and guard control.

How to perform it?

To perform a squat, you have to stand up with your feet wide apart.

Make sure your hips stay back, start bending your knees. Straighten your legs and make one repetition.

5. Barbell bent-over row.

The row is the amazing pulling exercise and back exercise. The barbell bent over the row requires strength from your hand towards your feet. Your feet, core, hips work together to maintain a stable position during your exercise. The advantage of a barbell bent row is that you get overall strength to your upper body. It also helps you to increase stability in your body and improves the grip of your hands. Through barbell bend-over exercise you can improve your posture as well, which is very important for jiu-jitsu fighters.

Grip strength.

Static grip strength is how much your hand can hold up in a grip before the resistance is torn from the finger’s grasp. This is a similar strength that you are utilized when you hold up the barbells and deadlifts. There are various kinds of grips that are used in the BJJ, also your four fingers act as hooks and curls into the cuff. A stronger grip allows you to move more effectively, execute movements and secure stronger chokes hold/joint locks as well. So, To improve your grip strength in BJJ, train your grip often, lift heavy weights, use grip builders and squeeze the bars.


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