Cosy Outfits for Easy Movements: What to Wear for Yoga

Cosy Outfits for Easy Movements: What to Wear for Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise that helps us to acquire or maintain physical fitness, relieve tension and relax. This technique developed in ancient India was later introduced to the West. So, yoga in Indian tradition is not only an exercise but something spiritual and meditative. It is for the body and the mind as well. Anyone who wishes to make their body fit and keep their mind calm can practice yoga.

Poses or asanas makes yoga different from other physical exercises. Yoga comprises various poses that have serious health benefits and helps you to gain fitness and flexibility. All these poses demand high flexibility of your body and that’s why we often worry about what to wear while going for yoga classes. In yoga, we have to twist and stretch our body. Our clothes should allow us to move freely and easily in all directions. So, choose clothes that are non-restrictive. Whatever you are wearing it should make you feel comfortable physically and mentally while doing all the poses.

Yoga apparels are now available online in plenty. Yoga shorts for women and men, sports bra, yoga tops, leggings, etc. of different brands are available. Many questions pop into our mind while thinking about the best outfit to wear for yoga classes. Especially for the beginners, this is a point of confusion. This article might help them know about different apparel and decide what to wear for their first class. Here are some garments that you would find suitable to wear for yoga and a few things you need to know about them.

Yoga Shorts

It is better to wear long fitting shorts. Avoid loose-fitting or running shorts while going to yoga classes. Yoga Shorts for women as well as men should at least be of knee-length to avoid slippage while doing certain poses. Yoga pants should be well stretchable and made from lightweight material.

Sports Bra 

For any women going to yoga classes, it is preferable to wear a sports bra that is supportive and gives decent coverage. This will help you remain comfortable and less distracted throughout the yoga. Better avoid bras with hooks as it will get you hurt while doing floor poses. Use a simple one with good support.


Leggings are the most preferred yoga apparel nowadays. People prefer leggings because it is cheap and easily available. Leggings are commonly used by everyone and you can avoid extra shopping for yoga. Also, make sure that it is fit for you and there is no chance of slipping down. If it does that will really make you uncomfortable. So, stick to leggings that are supportive. It should also be opaque.

Yoga Tops

There are many inverted poses in yoga. To feel comfortable while doing those poses please ensure that you are wearing a top that won’t slip down over your head. Especially while doing poses like downward dog this is gonna happen. So, avoid baggy T-shirts or loose tops to keep away from these kinds of situations. It is better to wear clothes that are fit for you. But, it should not be tight or binding. Also, make sure your yoga top is long enough to cover your upper body.

Tank tops are more preferable as they are sleeveless and enable us to twist or turn the body with ease in any direction. If you are selecting a t-shirt make sure that it is not too tight. Your swimming suit is also perfect to wear during outdoor workout, especially in summer.

Yoga Socks

Yoga is usually practiced barefoot for better grip and to go good on uneven surfaces. Going barefoot will help you to develop balance and feel the movement of the body better. But, if you are not much comfortable doing yoga barefooted it is better to opt for yoga socks. These are toeless socks with grip on them.


Don’t let your dress restrict your movement. Be wise while choosing what to wear to your yoga classes. Go with the one that you feel comfortable and suitable for you. Sometimes what you wear makes your day. So, act wisely to not let your day be ruined by what you choose to wear. Also, bear in mind that there is no need to think of what others think about your outfit. You only need to satisfy yourself and your comfortability. Wear what you really like, just unroll your yoga mat, look inside you and feel yourself.


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