What Is The Cruise Control Diet?

What Is The Cruise Control Diet?

Cruise Control Diet | What Is The Cruise Control Diet

The Cruise Control Diet is one of the most effective diets for weight loss. James Ward created this diet, and it has helped many to not only lose weight but also maintain it. Its success lies in the emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle. If you struggle to keep the stubborn flab away, try this diet. You will get amazing long-term results for sure. Read on to know how this diet works, what to eat, recipes, benefits, and what to expect. Swipe up!

This eating strategy was designed by James Ward, a self-proclaimed yo-yo dieter who struggled to maintain a healthy weight for much of his adult life. Once he finally found success, Ward designed the Cruise Control Diet as a sustainable eating plan that could be followed for the long term because it didn’t deprive him of his favorite foods. The plan’s official website launched in 2011, and has been available as a digital download and physical book since.

Cruise Control Diet
Cruise Control Diet

How Does the Cruise Control Diet Work?

Per the company website, anyone who needs to lose weight and has struggled with traditional programs can benefit from the Cruise Control Diet. The plan is also meant for anyone who wants a long-term way to improve their health, though it mandates some meat consumption, which makes it a poor option for vegans and vegetarians.

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From what we learned on the company website, the Cruise Control Diet follows four general rules for weight loss and overall health.

  1. Eat natural, whole foods designed to help you burn fat
  2. Avoid processed foods that cause your body to store fat
  3. Prevent yourself from feeling restricted by occasionally indulging in guilty pleasure foods
  4. Let your body’s natural hunger instinct guide when and how much you eat, not calories, points, or other forms of portion control.

While these first three rules are standard for most healthy eating approaches, the Cruise Control Diet separates itself from the crowd with rule four.

James Ward Cruise Control Diet

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The Cruise Control Diet is an eating plan designed to help you lose weight for good, no matter how many times you’ve tried before. According to the company website, this diet is a “whole-foods approach to weight loss and general health.” If you follow its guidelines, the plan promises you will shed unwanted weight without depriving yourself or feeling hungry.

James Ward Cruise Control Diet
James Ward Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet Food List

  • Veggies – Broccoli, carrot, tomato, kale, spinach, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, purple cabbage, radish, turnip, pumpkin, beans, drumsticks, collard greens, radish greens, Swiss chard, potato, sweet potato, okra, brinjal, bitter gourd, squash, bottle gourd, striped gourd, snake gourd, bell pepper, scallion, bok choy, edamame, and peas.
  • Fruits – Watermelon, banana, apple, peach, plum, pomegranate, dates, orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, pluot, apricot, papaya, pineapple, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, star fruit, blackberries, cranberries, and sweet lime.
  • Protein – Free-range eggs, wild-caught fish, chicken, grass-fed beef, pork, lentils, kidney beans, soybeans, soy chunks, soy milk, tofu, and mushroom.
  • Dairy – Grass-fed cow’s milk, cheese, butter, and ghee.
  • Nuts And Seeds – Almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts, pine nuts, macadamia, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, and flax seeds.
  • Fats And Oils – Olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, peanut butter, butter, ghee, cheese, and almond butter.
  • Beverages – Water, fresh coconut water, freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice, and homemade buttermilk.
  • Herbs And Spices – Cilantro, dill, rosemary, thyme, mint, curry leaves, oregano, basil, bay leaf, cardamom, garlic, onion, ginger, mace, saffron, clove, cinnamon, parsley, dried red chili, cayenne pepper, chili flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder, fennel seeds, black pepper, and white pepper.

​The Cruise Control Stage

​The cruise control stage teaches you to eat well-balanced natural foods which you learned how to pick out in the first phase. You are, however, allowed to eat junk food twice a week. This helps to provide your body with the required amount of fat. This stage lasts for three weeks.

Cruise Control Diet Benefits

  • ​It comes with a well-organized plan.
  • ​It gives you 60 different recipes to enjoy, so you don’t have to meal-plan from scratch for 56 days. This makes preparing your meals a lot easier.
  • ​It is easy to follow.
  • ​It allows you to enjoy your favorite junk food twice per week. This will help keep you on track, so you don’t feel so restricted and tempted to relapse.
  • ​It educates you on what foods you should choose at the grocery store or supermarket. This makes your shopping trips shorter and easier.
  • ​It is designed for anyone, regardless of their age or gender.
  • ​It includes only all-natural food which poses no risk to your health or general wellbeing.
  • ​The stages and phases of weight loss are based on real scientific findings.
  • ​It is very affordable.

Cruise Control Diet Warning

  1. Not adaptable to vegetarian and vegan diets because animal proteins are a mainstay in this program.
  2. Highly dependent on self-regulation, based on the Instinctual Eating Principle. Some people may prefer a more structured diet program.
  3. Lack of a comprehensive workout program, which can further help people manage their weight and health better.


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