Dental Veneer: What Is It and What Can It Do For You?

Dental Veneer: What Is It and What Can It Do For You?

So, are you wondering what this is? If so, dental veneers are front teeth coverings that give you a better appearance. It is a thin layer of porcelain or resin gloss that matches the colour of your teeth. Charles Pincus did its first development to change the appearance of an actor in 1928.


Three trips to the dentist are necessary for this. The first is for consultation, while the second and third trips are for its making and application.

Planning and Diagnosis

During this procedure, your dentist will discuss if this is a suitable choice for your teeth. The process will include mouth and teeth examination and possible X-rays.

Tooth Preparation

This process includes reshaping the surface of your tooth. Afterwards, the dentist will create a model to be sent out to the dental laboratory for completion.


Once it is back from the laboratory, you will make the final trip to your dentist for the fitting. Your dentist will make final adjustments such as possible trimmings and colour adjustments before it is permanently cemented to your teeth. Your dentist may also ask you to visit after a few weeks for follow-ups to ensure that the placement is good and there are no problems with it or your gums.

What Is in It for You?

It is an excellent way to protect your teeth, and of course, it gives you a boost of confidence.

Aesthetics and Versatility

It serves as a permanent tooth whitening alternative. Aside from that, it can also fix cracks or chips on your tooth. It also bridges gaps or missing teeth.

It is an excellent way to repair a broken tooth. So, instead of tooth extraction, your dentist can apply porcelain gloss to cover your misshapen tooth or teeth if it is still repairable.

Finally, it is also the best and more comfortable option to replace braces.

Enamel Loss Treatment

It is a durable replacement for lost enamel. Your tooth enamel can get worn out because of acidic foods or too much brushing. And once it does, it no longer comes back.

Stain Resistant

The porcelain makes it resistant to discolouration that you can get from food and drinks. In addition, it makes it easy to brush stains away.

Instant Confidence

Other dental works or remedies could take longer to achieve a good result. For example, fixing misaligned teeth using braces could take months. In comparison, having it fixed with porcelain covers can fix it instantly after application. Also, the preparation is much simpler as well.

Caring and Maintenance

Like anything else, oral hygiene is essential. So, make it a habit to brush after a meal using a non-abrasive brush and toothpaste. In addition, using floss and rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash is advisable.

Be cautious of what you are chewing as well. Even though the dental work is durable, chewing hard materials can still cause damage. Regular visits to your dentist are also helpful to maintain healthy teeth.

A Worthy Investment That You Can Smile About

Veneers can be costly like any other dental treatment. However, it is worthy since it is durable and lasts a long time. In some cases, it is also less expensive than other dental work, such as dental crowns.

Whether your purpose of seeking this procedure is mainly aesthetics, it also gives you teeth protection and preservation bonus.


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