Great Alternative of Epic EHR For Your Healthcare Practices

Great Alternative of Epic EHR For Your Healthcare Practices

Every day, the long-term elements of record-keeping become increasingly important to healthcare providers’ performance and operations – everything from care coordination to treatment to revenue management is dependent on the data we preserve. Unfortunately, the world of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software can be intimidating. Although you understand the need for electronic health records, how do you pick the right one? Epic Systems software is one of the names that pops up frequently while searching for EMR software. We’ll tell you about some great Epic software rivals and alternatives so you can make an educated decision regarding medical software.


Meditech’s electronic health record (EHR) enables healthcare organizations to coordinate patient-centered treatment. It has features for acute, hospice, ambulatory, homecare, long-term care, and mental health, among other specializations. The key EHR resource from Meditech is a flexible medical record and charting software that focuses on increasing your office’s productivity.

Meditech also provides patient health data, which allows providers to see health patterns and prepare ahead. In today’s healthcare industry, revenue cycle management is critical, and Meditech EHR is a user-friendly software meant to give access and convenience to its users. Meditech’s EHR solution does more than digitize records; it also includes a process and policy for working more closely with patient health data.

Whereas Epic is great for large businesses, Meditech is better for solo and small firms. Its target market is small hospitals with low resources that cannot afford Epic.


NextGen offers two EHR choices in its Clinical Care Solutions: NextGen Enterprise EHR and NextGen Office EHR. Depending on the size and specialization of your practice, both provide features and workflows according to your specific needs. These simple-to-use tools are intended to reduce administrative burdens and reintroduce the joys of practicing medicine, all while enhancing treatment and lowering costs. As a result, patients are healthier, and providers are happier.

Ambulatory practices of all sizes can benefit from NextGen EHR Software solutions. Its objective is to assist users in coordinating patient care and safeguarding their data by meeting healthcare compliance standards such as MIPS (the Merit-based Incentive Payment System), population health, and other value-based care expectations. The NextGen Office EHR completely interacts with other medical applications to provide touch, speak, and type capabilities for point-of-care documenting. With NextGen, lab result management, E-Prescribing, and patient workflow monitoring are all simple and rapid.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a robust EHR with no software to install, no hardware to manage, and no license fees. Practice Fusion’s award-winning assistance, quick setup, and numerous resources may help you make the transition from paper to electronic health records. Doctors and practice administrators don’t have to install software out of the box, handle license payments, or otherwise purchase software in the typical sense when they use Practice Fusion’s cloud-based EHR.

This electronic health record software provides flexible functionality to help clinicians transition away from paper and toward digital resources and support a medical provider practice with the power of data handling software tools. It will assist with meaningful use stages one and two, allow clinicians to adapt to ICD-10 and other changes, and in general support a medical practice with the power of data handling software tools. Medical practitioners may use Practice Fusion EHR software to improve patient care and better understand what is going on in the office daily. Practice Fusion EHR is ONC-certified and HIPAA-compliant, and it comes with automated upgrades. It allows doctors to automate many of the tasks associated with routine patient care.

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is a well-known company in technology and innovation that offers practice management and electronic medical records tools. Revenue cycle management, healthcare cloud computing, record administration, and many other supporting a physician’s office may all be managed by users. A small independent doctor’s office and a larger multi-physician practice or multi-specialty group might benefit from these tools.

Centricity EMR provides a centralized approach to deal with and store electronic medical records and manages a clinical record archive with an emphasis on retrieval as a Centricity Practice Solution. Its suite of patient engagement technologies also aids individual patient empowerment and improves physician-patient care results.

GE excels in areas where Epic systems still fall short; for example, GE easily integrates lab findings from third-party systems, but Epic prohibits compatibility with other software systems.


AdvancedMD EHR platform allows doctors to employ customized EHR system solutions to automate critical elements of the clinical process, save time and energy, and enhance different clinical outcomes through accuracy and robust record-keeping. AdvancedMDEHR’s patient-centered capabilities enable clinicians to create personalized medical plans, automate certain types of patient notifications, and set up multiple procedures or guidelines for groups of patients.

Other analytics tools aid in evaluating medical trends and promoting the best course of action for a medical practice attempting to simplify scheduling, billing, and other processes. AdvancedMD’s design aids doctors in dealing with upcoming changes such as meaningful use stage II regulations and changes to diagnostic coding and other healthcare sector standards.

AdvancedMD (and nearly every other system on this list) has a significant edge over Epic in the field of SOAP notes. A SOAP note is a standard note-taking format that may be delivered and effortlessly incorporated into various medical software systems. Epic does not support this functionality due to its anti-interoperability stance.

According to AdvancedMD reviews,the software is extremely user-friendly and gives a complete package. One user said, “With all the bells and whistles, AdvancedMD is highly user-friendly.” Another user said,”The customer service (after incredibly long hold periods) is my favorite. All of the staff are from the area, are kind, and informed. The implementation team to which we were allocated was fantastic”.

AdvancedMDpricing starts at $729 per month per provider. The software is rated 4 out of 5 stars, which is lower than the average cost of medical software.  If you are looking foranAdvancedMD demo, you can request it on FindEMR.


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