Professional Tips to Using iTop VPN

Professional Tips to Using iTop VPN

iTop VPN is easily the best free VPN for Windows PC. You will agree to this fact when you install and use it. This connectivity utility will enhance your browsing experience, guaranteeing you speed and safety.

Also, you will notice its excellence when you look at its many features and resources, which enhance its overall usability. You will have an easy time if you are new to this program. It is a user–friendly tool; hence, learning its ropes is a straightforward affair.

We will make your transition to this program smooth by providing you with professional tips for using it.

  • Visit The Blog Section

The first step to using this VPN service is visiting its website to know how it works. There is no better section to refer to than the blog. Here, you get access to many informative articles that will guide you on how this program works. Check out the pieces and boost your knowledge of this program.

  • Sample The Free Version

iTop is a free VPN service provider, one of its critical selling points. If you are new to using this program, it is prudent that you start with the free version as a trial. Downloading it is a straightforward affair. On the homepage, click on the Free Download icon, and the process will start immediately.

The program is lightweight, translating to device storage space economy and fast installation. The free services will guide you on the program’s use and available resources.

  • Go Premium

If you love the services the free version offers, you can go premium to access more resources of this VPN for Windows. There are three plans that you can opt for. For short-term use, you may go for the 1-month and 6-month packages. You pay $11.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively.

For long-term use, you can go for the 1-year plan. You will pay $2.31 per month and get an extra year of service. This plan is the best pick, as it gives you an 80% discount.

  • Use The Program On All Of Your Devices

A benefit of taking the premium plans is that you can use the VPN for up to five devices. iTop’s product works with different operating systems and devices, upholding its flexibility. There is a version for Windows, which works with Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10 variants of this OS.

Additionally, it supports Mac OS, Android, and iOS systems. It means you can have the VPN on your PCs and smartphones.

  • Earn Passive Income From The Affiliate Program

iTop has an affiliate program that you can sign up for to earn via commissions. It is a referral program, and for every successful referral, you get compensation. It is an excellent way of earning passive income that won’t consume much of your time.

Final Remark

iTop VPN is among the few VPN service providers that offer you free services. It is a go-to toolkit if you want safe browsing, plus access to different sites, even the geo-restricted ones.

After downloading it, refer to the presented tips for easy use.


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