It is important to understand the variation between raw honey and processed honey. There are many exclusive online honey shopping stores with varieties of honey with more different benefits. Each variety has its unique benefits

In simple words, honey in the beehive is the raw honey. Pollen found from the Beehive contains natural honey, and also traces of bee waxes are filled with honey. There is no need to climb a tree and show some skills to extract raw honey. You can get raw honey online by just sitting at home and browsing some credible honey sellers.

Note that the honey we usually get bottled from the physical and online store does is sometimes processed and it does not contain these natural elements. The diastase and invertase enzymes which can be naturally obtained from the beehive are lost due to the processing of the honey.

Outline of the processing of honey

The processing has few steps like

  1. Heating the honey
  2. Minute filtration to filter beehive particles
  3. Mixing anti granulation agents.

Processing is done to make the honey look transparent and smoky – this brings a tempting look and feel.

Natural Honey gets crystallized very soon hence its put under processing so it does not gets crystalized and can be used for long days


Some of the foremost common disadvantages and risks related to honey include:

  1. High-calorie count(One tablespoon of honey contains sixty-four calories, which is on top of that of sugar at forty-nine calories per tablespoon).
  2. Risk of child food poisoning

It is not safe to give honey to infants younger than twelve months. Honey’s microorganism spores will cause child food poisoning rarely. The spores that cause food poisoning in infants will not harm adults.

Symptoms of child food poisoning include:

  1. Constipation
  2. Generalized weakness
  3. A weak cry
  4. Impact on glucose and risk of unwellness
  5. Honey has similar effects as sugar on glucose levels. This is particularly problematic for individuals with polygenic disorder and internal secretion resistance

When the honey undergoes processing it loses all the benefits such as enzymes like diastase and invertase. These enzymes get evaporated and vanished when heated

Pollen which is found to be the best medicine for infertility in both male and female gets filtered in the filtration process

Honey is known as the miracle potion thus loses its essence undergoing the procedure of “processing” hence it is recommended to buy raw honey from credible sellers.


  1. Eucalyptus honey

Australia produces this kind of honey and it gives out a heavy flavor of mentos. Eucalyptus honey is well prescribed for cold and headache.

  1. Lychee honey

The honey is slightly white or pale-colored. This variety of natural honey has a wonderful smell and a yummy taste. When the honey is exposed to cool temperature it gets crystallized very soon and its nature is a little bit acidic.

  1. Sunflower honey

This honey appears to have a sunflower lid up the bottle naturally. It has a shade of gold and yellow color. It has a unique and different taste than that of other varieties

  1. Rapeseed honey

Rapeseed is a flower with bright yellow color mainly harvested for its oil benefits that have the toxic erucic acid. Bees that suck the essence from this breed of flowers and build its beehive gives out light amber colored rawly and this variety of honey is best suited for mixing in with tea

5.Karanja honey

Made from the nectar of Karanja or Pongamia blossoms, this raw honey selection has Brobdingnagian medicative advantages. Light white like other many honey varieties, conjointly gives out a different floral aroma and style

  1. Multifloral mountain chain honey

Extracted from the mountain chain region, this raw honey variety is manufactured by the bees by mixing the nectar of the wildflowers found in cragged areas and thus has high medicative values

  1. Tree honey

Light, clear, and nevertheless heavy-bodied, this style of raw honey is one among the foremost well-liked within the world, particularly among diabetics and people with metastasis disorders.

  1. Forest honey

Collected from The Virgin tropical forests of the state and Jharkhand, this sort of raw honey comes from shrubs and trees rather than flowers. Woody and take style, forest honey is dark, intense and a spread you want to attempt a minimum of once in your life for its flavor and medicative advantages. We can purchase forest honey online.


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