Is The Use of CBD Legal In Cosmetics?

Is The Use of CBD Legal In Cosmetics?

The market for the beauty and cosmetics industry is highly saturated. Still, there are currently no regulations or laws against CBD use in beauty or skincare products simply because these products do not contain any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – a more potent active ingredient found in high levels of marijuana. Therefore, as a topical application on your skin, you will not feel ‘high’ on it. In addition, so long the product is not adultered or misbranded with unproven medical or drug claims, the FDA does not prohibit the use of CBD in cosmetics. As a result, most of these CBD-infused beauties and skincare products are freely marketed. However, there are precautions that you should take before applying them to your skin or ingesting them.

Whether the products are oral or cream-based, so for safety purposes, pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid highest dosage CBD oil products, as there is no proven clinical data for their safe use in these populations. Please read the product labels carefully for the type of active ingredients, number of active ingredients, percentages, and where the product is manufactured. Products that do not contain instruction sheets and get sold at a cheaper price should be avoided. This means that you will need to do your own research of the product thoroughly. It also includes finding legitimate reviews attached with before and after photos from individual testimonials. If you feel unsure about a product, please consult your doctor before buyingit. This is how you can prevent unnecessary side effects while also saving your time and money on resolving unwanted issues.

On the other hand, there are various benefits or popular claims that you may have encountered online, which have shown some promise in its use for any skin condition. This includes a small study with 20 participants with psoriasis or eczema, or scars and has demonstrated its improvement in reducing inflammation. Therefore, the overall redness and dryness on the skin were smoother, showing signs of progress in these skin conditions.Notably, the study had many limitations and will require a larger study to confirm these claims over proper dosage, long-term benefits, and its safety and effectiveness.Though there are no irritation or allergic reactions were reported in the study, applying relatively high dosage CBD oil infused skin products as part of your daily self-care routine should be taken with precaution.

Since CBD-infused cosmetic products are freely marketed and are easily available online and offline, many people may think that it is safe because of their popular claims. This includes the most established cosmetic company, Sephora. With the current demand in the commercial market for CBD use, a wide selection of products such as hair care, body items, fragrances, and skincare products are currently advertised under Sephora’s CBD online catalog. Nevertheless, it has its quality standards and enforces its first-in-the-industry transparency for any CBD product label violation. These products must contain domestically grown CBD and undergo third-party testing to qualify for a quality assurance certificate of analysis. Despite that, misleading claims are still prone that may not be necessarily true causing unwanted side effects or having a higher health risk. For instance, CBD-infused skin products may develop a rash due to other ingredients in the products or even the CBD itself. It is not clear how much CBD gets absorbed through your skin, but there is some evidence that CBD capsules ingested may damage your liver. To be safe, always consult your doctor before taking any form of CBD products and confirm your optimal dosage for your body to provide you the maximum health benefits with minimal side effects.

Ultimately, there are currently no laws or regulations on CBD-infused skin and beauty products adopted by the FDA, which can potentially threaten our health risks without knowing it. Popular claims for business attributes fetching billions of dollars annually will only allow further unwanted side effects for those who may be in need of such products. As far as the FDA is concerned, the need to navigate claims into legal actions by the world of high-end beauty brands should be taken seriously for the safety of our people. Products such as dermal moisturizers, nail polishes, lipsticks, eye creams, foundations, perfumes, hair colors, serums, and deodorants are all considered“cosmetic” and are widely used. While the FDA enforces no prohibition on such CBD “cosmetic” products, this does not mean that beauty brands are free to market it freely however they wish. Any products formulated must still be safe and bear claims that FDA deems permissible such as avoidance use for expecting mothers. Well-known and common claims such as reducing anxiety, stress, or sleep are outside the scope of CBD “cosmetic” products. Almost always avoid claims that go beyond the cleansing effects by promoting only attractiveness and beautifying bounds of cosmetics.


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