What Is Nuru Massage?

What Is Nuru Massage?

When someone says ‘nuru massage’, what do you think of? Could it be a sensual massage with your partner, or perhaps a exotic Asian massage? For those of us that have not yet had the pleasure, then nuru massage is basically a super erotic, and unique style of massage which was first conceived in Japan.

Whats so different about Nuru Massage?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from those that are new to nuru. Well, nuru massage uses a massage gel and not oil first. The unique aspect of this gel is that it is made from seaweed and so it’s super slippery! Being so slippery sets it apart from the traditional massage oils and makes for lots more fun for a body to body massage. Made from Nori seaweed it is both organic, and also very eash to wash off the skin. This makes it perfect for businesspeople or those that want to nip out for a quick massage, and simply wash off the gel quickly easy and get back to work.

It is both this and the fact that it gives such as sensual feeling that nuru massage in London has caught on so much in the short time it has been on these shores.

How is it Performed?

As you might expect this type of massage is best carried out on a different surface than normal. In fact the best way to carry out a nuru massage is on an inflatable bed, or nuru mattress. Those that want the maximum bang for their buck, really should look at the authentic nurumattresses which can be purchased from some of the main nuru suppliers that can be found in Europe and the UK.

What are the Benefits?

Well, like many of the different massage therapies available, there are lots of benefits to the body and mind. If we put the pleasure aspect to one side for a minute, those that use nuru massage report that it can reduce stress levels and tension and promotes great sleep. The skin-to-skin touch is also very good at improving feelings of general well-being through this tactile connection.

Many say that the gel is also great for skin nutrition and tone., In the process of a nuru massage you will get through a plentiful supply which will really be worked into the body.

All in all, nuru massage is a definite must for those that like massage and/or that like a bit of sensual adventure in their life. There are lots of parlours in London offering it, and it has now started to catch on in other locations around the UK too.


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